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Used Auto Parts Leads Archive

This auto parts classified section offers automotive sellers, such as, auto salvage yards, car dismantlers and individual auto parts sellers, access to carpart sales leads posted on September 04, 2008. These parts are wanted by car enthusiasts and professional buyers. Our part buyers required to enter a detailed request form including vehicle information, engine options, body style, part description and comments regarding the condition of the part, price range, mileage, side, part dimensions and shipping comments when applicable.

You, the seller, can receive the part queries right to your computer via our website, email client program, or our desktop proprietary software. You may filter the sales leads be year, make, model, and location of the buyer, part type and cost. For example, you can instruct our exchange software to process only auto part queries from Waurika, Waurika, Mt. Airy, Waurika, and Albuquerque. In addition you may instruct our program to route only Bumper Guard, Front, WASHER NOZZEL, Radiator, Headlight Assembly, Fender and Headlight Assembly.

What makes our online locating service unique is the fact that Automotix qualifies the auto/truck parts buyers. This feature allows salvage yards, auto dismantlers, brokers and autopart stores on our network to focus and give immediate attention to the serious buyers who are ready to buy. Imagine a Motorcycle yamaha delivery vehicle in Indianapolis that broke its front left headlight or a truck driver sitting in Calyton highways with a bad engine. These buyers need replacement parts urgently. Automotix provides the sellers with this opportunity to tap into these qualified buyers and their part needs. If you are interested to join our auto parts exchange, please register or click on the Contact Buyer link below. See our classified part requests below that have been submitted on September 04, 2008.

Used 1986 Peugeot 505 Wheel/Rim Alloy  (20:42:31)
1986 Peugeot 505, Sedan, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, Automatic, RWD, Used Wheel/Rim Alloy, 15"x5", 8 spokes, Driver Rear (johnstown, Pennsylvania 15901) Contact Buyer
View Used Peugeot Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1965 Morgan 4/4 seat cushion bladder  (19:41:01)
1965 Morgan 4/4, Other, Any seat cushion bladder (Vancouver, British Columbia V5S4B6) Contact Buyer
View Used Morgan Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1977 Lotus Esprit wheels/mirrors  (14:17:37)
1977 Lotus Esprit, Any wheels/mirrors, Looking for original steering wheel/exterior mirrors and set of four polished finish wheel billit center pieces along with the Lotus center caps  (Gilbert, Arizona 85249) Contact Buyer
View Used Lotus Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1974 Jensen Healey Radiator  (14:39:27)
1974 Jensen Healey, need radiator, Used Radiator (Prosperity, South Carolina 29127) Contact Buyer
View Used Jensen Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2004 Motorcycle yamaha subframe  (13:40:02)
2004 Motorcycle yamaha, subframe and tail fairing, Any subframe, need 2004-2006 yamaha subframe and tail fairing (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111) Contact Buyer
View Used Motorcycle Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1975 Triumph Spitfire Bumper Guard, Front  (13:36:13)
1975 Triumph Spitfire, Used Bumper Guard, Front (Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108) Contact Buyer
View Used Triumph Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1973 MG MGB Fender  (13:37:00)
1973 MG MGB, Convertible, Used Fender, Driver Front, WTB Front fender, driver side, 1969-1974 1/2, prefer Orange (Blaze Red) (Calyton, California 94517) Contact Buyer
View Used MG Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2001 Daewoo Leganza Bumper Assembly, Front  (13:13:52)
2001 Daewoo Leganza, Sedan, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, Automatic-OD, 4x2, Any Bumper Assembly, Front (Waurika, Oklahoma 73573) Contact Buyer
View Used Daewoo Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2005 Mitsubishi Endevour Headlight Assembly  (11:28:05)
2005 Mitsubishi Endevour, Used Headlight Assembly, Driver Rear (Indianapolis, Indiana 46250) Contact Buyer
View Used Mitsubishi Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1999 Porsche 911 WASHER NOZZEL  (11:00:23)
1999 Porsche 911, Sedan, Straight-6, Gas/Injection, Automatic, 4x2, Used WASHER NOZZEL, OEM PART # 996-628-334-00-M14 (Mt. Airy, Maryland 21771) Contact Buyer
View Used Porsche Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1992 Eagle Summit Left side rocker panel  (10:55:50)
1992 Eagle Summit, Minivan, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, 4x2, Any Left side rocker panel (Hermantown, Minnesota 55811) Contact Buyer
View Used Eagle Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1993 GMC Safari Electrical Switch  (10:48:40)
1993 GMC Safari, Used Electrical Switch, GMC Safari,auto window switch, passenger side (Hamilton, Ohio 45013) Contact Buyer
View Used GMC Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1996 Lincoln Town CAR Steering wheel  (10:20:47)
1996 Lincoln Town CAR, Used Steering wheel, Looking for the Wood grain steering wheel from 2k models. (Las Vegas, Nevada 89103) Contact Buyer
View Used Lincoln Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1978 Alfa Romeo Spider headlight\signel switch  (09:50:23)
1978 Alfa Romeo Spider, Convertible, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, RWD, Any headlight\signel switch, on collum (bakersfield, California 93306) Contact Buyer
View Used Alfa Romeo Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2000 Lexus Es300 Center Pillar  (09:36:24)
2000 Lexus Es300, Any Center Pillar, I need the left side center pillar applique only. (Manhattan, Kansas 66503) Contact Buyer
View Used Lexus Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2007 Saturn Outlook Headlight Assembly  (09:17:12)
2007 Saturn Outlook, Any Headlight Assembly, Driver, Driver side HID Headlight asssy. Preferably with light, fine without as well (Middleburg, Florida 32068) Contact Buyer
View Used Saturn Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1995 Land Rover Range Rover Caliper, Front  (09:28:47)
1995 Land Rover Range Rover, Sport Utility, V-8, Gas/Injection, Automatic-OD, 4x2, County LWB, Used Caliper, Front, passenger side front brake caliper (cleveland, Ohio 44004) Contact Buyer
View Used Land Rover Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2005 Pontiac sunfire Engine, Complete  (09:13:46)
2005 Pontiac sunfire, Used Engine, Complete, 2.2 ecotech (Polk, Pennsylvania 16342) Contact Buyer
View Used Pontiac Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1986 Datsun 200sx Seat, Front  (09:06:54)
1986 Datsun 200sx, car seats, Used Seat, Front, Driver Front (Norfolk, Virginia 23513) Contact Buyer
View Used Datsun Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1999 Acura RL Left Cover Reclining  (09:23:27)
1999 Acura RL, Black '99 Acura RL , Used Left Cover Reclining, Black Driver side trim piece. I do not need the seat controls just the trim piece that holds the seat controls. Color is black. Part #81638-sz3-a000. (Norristown, Pennsylvania 19403) Contact Buyer
View Used Acura Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1997 Mercury Mountaineer rear bumper reflector  (09:20:57)
1997 Mercury Mountaineer, Used rear bumper reflector (Nutley, New Jersey 07094) Contact Buyer
View Used Mercury Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2000 Other New Flyer TRANSMISSION ACCESS-CS REAR  (08:37:50)
2000 Other New Flyer, Any TRANSMISSION ACCESS-CS REAR (ST. LOUIS , Missouri 63143) Contact Buyer
View Used Other Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1994 GEO Prizm Mirror, Door  (08:24:18)
1994 GEO Prizm, Used Mirror, Door, Driver Front (yonkers, New York 10530) Contact Buyer
View Used GEO Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2000 Infiniti I30 Side Marker Light  (08:10:17)
2000 Infiniti I30, Sedan, Any Side Marker Light, passenger side rear marker light lens (Great Neck, New York 11023) Contact Buyer
View Used Infiniti Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1994 Nissan Sentra Seat Belt  (08:14:31)
1994 Nissan Sentra, Any Seat Belt, Passenger Front (Palmer, Alaska 99645) Contact Buyer
View Used Nissan Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1992 Jeep Wrangler Windshield Glass  (07:39:22)
1992 Jeep Wrangler, Any Windshield Glass, Front (Willemstad, Curacao, __ .....) Contact Buyer
View Used Jeep Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1999 Mercedes Benz Sl500 tow hook cover   (07:30:26)
1999 Mercedes Benz Sl500, right side tow hook cover in magma red if yoiu have one but any color would do !, Any tow hook cover , magma red if you have one or any color would do (Clearwater, Florida 33759) Contact Buyer
View Used Mercedes Benz Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2003 Saab 9-3 Bumper Assembly, Rear  (06:50:56)
2003 Saab 9-3, Any Bumper Assembly, Rear (Waynesboro, Pennsylvania 17268) Contact Buyer
View Used Saab Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2003 KIA RIO Engine Computer  (06:22:49)
2003 KIA RIO, Other, 5-Speed-Std, 4x2, Used Engine Computer, 1500 (Montreal, Quebec H1J 1Y4) Contact Buyer
View Used KIA Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1995 BMW 318i c pillar trim  (06:08:19)
1995 BMW 318i, Sedan, 4-Cyl, 4-Speed-Std, RWD, Any c pillar trim, Drivers side, sand color (Geneva, Alabama 36340) Contact Buyer
View Used BMW Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2000 Hyundai Xg300 Automatic Transmission Gear Box  (05:48:48)
2000 Hyundai Xg300, Regular Cab, V-6, Other, 5-Speed-Std, AWD, Can be driven both Manually and automatic. Also comes with sensors, New Automatic Transmission Gear Box, A gear box with sensors. VIN KMHFU45D91A140413 (Abuja, __ +234) Contact Buyer
View Used Hyundai Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1996 Honda Prelude Air Cleaner  (04:07:09)
1996 Honda Prelude, Coupe, 4-Cyl, Gas/Carburetor, Automatic, 4x2, air intake box, Used Air Cleaner (mission viejo, California 92692) Contact Buyer
View Used Honda Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora Air Conditioner Compressor  (04:00:58)
1999 Oldsmobile Aurora, Used Air Conditioner Compressor (jakconsville, Florida 32217) Contact Buyer
View Used Oldsmobile Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1991 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible Power Window Control Unit  (03:35:34)
1991 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible, Convertible, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, FWD, Used Power Window Control Unit, # 191 959 875 (Port Chester, New York 10573) Contact Buyer
View Used Volkswagen Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1998 Volvo S70 Air Conditioner Compressor  (02:59:46)
1998 Volvo S70, Coupe, Straight-6, Gas/Injection, Automatic, RWD, A/C compressor 1998 S70 T5 part # 9171344 used but working condition , Used Air Conditioner Compressor, with shipping to Hawaii (Aiea, Hawaii 96701) Contact Buyer
View Used Volvo Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1972 Opel Manta Tail Light  (01:41:26)
1972 Opel Manta, Any Tail Light, Driver Rear, driver's side rear tail light plastic cover, 2 pieces  (Forest Hills, New York 11375) Contact Buyer
View Used Opel Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2002 Jaguar X-type electrochromatic rearview mirror  (01:51:19)
2002 Jaguar X-type, Used electrochromatic rearview mirror, auto dim, auto headlights, rain sensor (Manchester, New Hampshire 03104) Contact Buyer
View Used Jaguar Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1965 Buick Lesabre Bumper Assembly, Rear  (01:24:24)
1965 Buick Lesabre, Sedan, V-8, Gas/Carburetor, Automatic, RWD, Any Bumper Assembly, Rear (Elm Creek, Nebraska 68836) Contact Buyer
View Used Buick Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1995 Dodge D150 Pickup Axle Assembly, Front  (00:51:18)
1995 Dodge D150 Pickup, Pickup, Gas/Carburetor, Automatic, 4x4, Front axle assy for 4x4, Used Axle Assembly, Front, front axle assy. for 4x4 dodge 150 pick-up (Matagorda, Texas 77457) Contact Buyer
View Used Dodge Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2002 Isuzu Axiom Mirror, Rear View  (00:58:17)
2002 Isuzu Axiom, SUV, Straight-6, Gas/Injection, Automatic, 4x4, Used Mirror, Rear View (miami, Florida 33176) Contact Buyer
View Used Isuzu Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2001 Cadillac Seville ignitor headlight bulb  (00:31:17)
2001 Cadillac Seville, Sedan, Automatic, Used ignitor headlight bulb, only came on the xenon package of the sevile (denver, Colorado 80124) Contact Buyer
View Used Cadillac Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty Pickup ignition wiring diagram  (00:25:02)
2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty Pickup, Crew Cab, V-8, Diesel, Automatic-OD, 4x2, Used ignition wiring diagram, trying to install a greddy turbo timer and need the ignition wiring diagram to know which wires to hook into. (temecula, California 92591) Contact Buyer
View Used Ford Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1993 Audi 90 Tail Light  (00:29:52)
1993 Audi 90, Sedan, Gas/Injection, Automatic, FWD, Used Tail Light, Passenger Rear (Minot, North Dakota 58703) Contact Buyer
View Used Audi Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1991 Mazda B2200 Wheel  (00:16:34)
1991 Mazda B2200, Used Wheel, 15"xOther", 5 spokes, Driver (seattle, Washington 98109) Contact Buyer
View Used Mazda Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1988 Toyota MR2 oil pump  (00:17:42)
1988 Toyota MR2, Coupe, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, RWD, Remanufactured oil pump (pomona, California 91767) Contact Buyer
View Used Toyota Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Engine Computer  (00:29:01)
2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser, Used Engine Computer, 1.8 (San Jose, California 95112) Contact Buyer
View Used Chrysler Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1974 Plymouth Duster Steering Tie Rod End  (00:03:24)
1974 Plymouth Duster, Sedan, V-8, Gas/Carburetor, 4-Speed-Std, RWD, New Steering Tie Rod End, I NEED INNER AND OUTER TIE ROD ENDS THANKS (HAMPTON BAYS , New York 11946) Contact Buyer
View Used Plymouth Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1972 Chevrolet / Chevy C10 Pickup Right Side Door Lock Rod  (00:06:41)
1972 Chevrolet / Chevy C10 Pickup, Truck, V-8, Gas/Carburetor, 3-Speed-Std, 4x2, Used Right Side Door Lock Rod, I am looking for the dowl rod that works with the locking mechanism to physically lock and unlock the door manulally. Mine snapped at the base. (Richmond, Virginia 23236) Contact Buyer
View Used Chevrolet / Chevy Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 2003 Suzuki XL-7 CD/radio  (00:08:16)
2003 Suzuki XL-7, Used CD/radio (indianapolis, Indiana 46203) Contact Buyer
View Used Suzuki Parts posted September 04, 2008
Used 1995 Subaru Legacy Wheel/Rim Alloy  (00:01:47)
1995 Subaru Legacy, Wagon, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, AWD, Used Wheel/Rim Alloy, 14"x6", 5 spokes, Passenger Rear (Commerce city, Colorado 80022) Contact Buyer
View Used Subaru Parts posted September 04, 2008