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Used Auto Parts Leads Archive

This auto parts classified section offers automotive sellers, such as, auto salvage yards, car dismantlers and individual auto parts sellers, access to carpart sales leads posted on February 19, 2009. These parts are wanted by car enthusiasts and professional buyers. Our part buyers required to enter a detailed request form including vehicle information, engine options, body style, part description and comments regarding the condition of the part, price range, mileage, side, part dimensions and shipping comments when applicable.

You, the seller, can receive the part queries right to your computer via our website, email client program, or our desktop proprietary software. You may filter the sales leads be year, make, model, and location of the buyer, part type and cost. For example, you can instruct our exchange software to process only auto part queries from Narragansett, Royal Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Newark, and Thornhill. In addition you may instruct our program to route only Transmission Assembly, cyl head, Starter Motor, Transmission Assembly, wheel lug stud and Door Glass, Front.

What makes our online locating service unique is the fact that Automotix qualifies the auto/truck parts buyers. This feature allows salvage yards, auto dismantlers, brokers and autopart stores on our network to focus and give immediate attention to the serious buyers who are ready to buy. Imagine a Fiat 128 delivery vehicle in Los Angeles that broke its front left headlight or a truck driver sitting in Blackwood highways with a bad engine. These buyers need replacement parts urgently. Automotix provides the sellers with this opportunity to tap into these qualified buyers and their part needs. If you are interested to join our auto parts exchange, please register or click on the Contact Buyer link below. See our classified part requests below that have been submitted on February 19, 2009.

Used 1972 International starcraft motorhome power steering box  (21:35:58)
1972 International starcraft motorhome, Other, V-8, Gas/Carburetor, Automatic, RWD, Used power steering box, This is a International Harvester part (Greensboro, Maryland 21639) Contact Buyer
View Used International Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1969 AMC javelin AM/FM Radio  (21:03:11)
1969 AMC javelin, Coupe, V-8, Gas/Carburetor, Automatic, RWD, Used AM/FM Radio, looking for amc radio for 69 javelin must work (Thornhill, Ontario L4J-8B4) Contact Buyer
View Used AMC Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1978 Fiat 128 Door Glass, Front  (15:46:15)
1978 Fiat 128, Sedan, 4-Cyl, Gas/Carburetor, 4-Speed-Std, Other, Used Door Glass, Front, Right hand side (Blackwood, __ NP12 1HN) Contact Buyer
View Used Fiat Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1987 Jaguar XJS Headlight Assembly  (15:37:22)
1987 Jaguar XJS, Coupe, Automatic, Used Headlight Assembly, Driver Front (Grayland, Washington 98547) Contact Buyer
View Used Jaguar Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2004 Motorcycle Victory v92tc Exhaust Part  (14:41:40)
2004 Motorcycle Victory v92tc, Used Exhaust Part, Left side muffler heat shield (Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411) Contact Buyer
View Used Motorcycle Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1965 Simca car Starter Motor  (13:58:18)
1965 Simca car, Coupe, 4-Cyl, Gas/Carburetor, 4-Speed-Std, RWD, Used Starter Motor, 1.8 (archbold, Ohio 43502) Contact Buyer
View Used Simca Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1993 Saab 900 Transmission Assembly  (13:55:20)
1993 Saab 900, Hatchback, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, FWD, Any Transmission Assembly, 4-cyl 16 valve, Manuel (Narragansett, Rhode Island 02882) Contact Buyer
View Used Saab Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2002 Daewoo Nubira wheel lug stud  (13:53:05)
2002 Daewoo Nubira, Used wheel lug stud, I need as soon as possible (Newark, New Jersey 07108) Contact Buyer
View Used Daewoo Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2002 GMC Envoy engine mount  (12:46:20)
2002 GMC Envoy, SUV, Straight-6, Any engine mount, engine mount (Los Angeles, California 90043) Contact Buyer
View Used GMC Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1974 Triumph TR6 cyl head  (12:53:36)
1974 Triumph TR6, Convertible, Straight-6, Gas/Carburetor, 5-Speed-Std, 4x2, Used cyl head, cyl. head for 1973 to 1976 tr6 a circle B head (Bakersfield, California 93314) Contact Buyer
View Used Triumph Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1996 Saturn SC1 Fender  (11:49:54)
1996 Saturn SC1, Coupe, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, FWD, Used Fender, Driver Front (BRANCH, Michigan 49402) Contact Buyer
View Used Saturn Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1996 Buick Riviera RFF Wheel Opening Molding  (11:08:35)
1996 Buick Riviera, Sedan, V-6, Automatic-OD, FWD, Used RFF Wheel Opening Molding, Molding is chrome with a black edge. (Oroville, Washington 98844-1896) Contact Buyer
View Used Buick Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2000 Mercedes Benz S430 ETC CONTROL MODULE  (10:53:07)
2000 Mercedes Benz S430, Sedan, V-8, Gas/Injection, Automatic-OD, RWD, Used ETC CONTROL MODULE, This module make the transmission shift (Griffin, Georgia 30223) Contact Buyer
View Used Mercedes Benz Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2007 Mazda CX9 INTERIOR CARPET  (10:46:55)
2007 Mazda CX9, SUV, V-6, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, 4x2, Any INTERIOR CARPET, INTERIOR REPLACEMENT CARPET  (HARVEY , Louisiana 70058) Contact Buyer
View Used Mazda Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1999 Ferrari F355 F1 hydraulic power supply  (10:29:58)
1999 Ferrari F355 F1, Used hydraulic power supply (Ripon, __ HG4 1PB) Contact Buyer
View Used Ferrari Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1992 BMW 535i Seat, Front  (10:17:32)
1992 BMW 535i, Sedan, Used Seat, Front, Driver Front, I need all seats in any color  (houston , Texas 77065) Contact Buyer
View Used BMW Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2001 KIA RIO Starter Motor  (10:01:21)
2001 KIA RIO, Coupe, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, FWD, Any Starter Motor, 1.5L (orlando, Florida 32821) Contact Buyer
View Used KIA Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1987 Porsche 944 Transmission Assembly  (09:42:12)
1987 Porsche 944, Sedan, 4-Cyl, 5-Speed-Std, RWD, limited slip differential, Used Transmission Assembly, 2.5, Need with Limited Slip!! (Mesa, Arizona 85215) Contact Buyer
View Used Porsche Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2002 Suzuki Aerio Bumper Assembly, Rear  (09:57:39)
2002 Suzuki Aerio, Used Bumper Assembly, Rear (Canton, Michigan 48188) Contact Buyer
View Used Suzuki Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1999 Volvo V70 RT HEADLIGHT WIPER MOTOR  (09:41:26)
1999 Volvo V70, xc, Used RT HEADLIGHT WIPER MOTOR (KITTREDGE, Colorado 80457) Contact Buyer
View Used Volvo Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2002 Land Rover Discovery AM/FM Radio  (09:02:50)
2002 Land Rover Discovery, SUV, V-8, Gas/Injection, Automatic-OD, 4x4, Any AM/FM Radio (north Andover, Massachusetts 01845) Contact Buyer
View Used Land Rover Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1999 Pontiac sunfire Engine, Complete  (09:01:17)
1999 Pontiac sunfire, Coupe, Gas/Injection, Used Engine, Complete, n/a (Seymour, Indiana 47274) Contact Buyer
View Used Pontiac Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2005 Mercury Sable Bumper Guard, Front  (08:24:20)
2005 Mercury Sable, Sedan, V-6, Gas/Injection, Automatic-OD, FWD, Fog lights, Used Bumper Guard, Front (Wellsboro, Pennsylvania 16901) Contact Buyer
View Used Mercury Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2008 Subaru Forester Wheel/Rim Steel  (08:22:00)
2008 Subaru Forester, Sport Utility, 4-Cyl, 5-Speed-Std, AWD, Used Wheel/Rim Steel, Other"xOther", 5 spokes, Other (Flagstaff, Arizona 86002) Contact Buyer
View Used Subaru Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2002 Jeep Liberty Wheel/Rim Alloy  (08:17:42)
2002 Jeep Liberty, SUV, V-6, Automatic, 4x4, Used Wheel/Rim Alloy, 16"x7", 5 spokes, Other (rochester, Pennsylvania 15074) Contact Buyer
View Used Jeep Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1985 Volkswagen Golf Transmission Assembly  (07:56:36)
1985 Volkswagen Golf, 4-Cyl, Diesel, 5-Speed-Std, Used Transmission Assembly, 1.8 (dayton, Ohio 45414) Contact Buyer
View Used Volkswagen Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2008 Infiniti M35 Wheel locks  (07:46:18)
2008 Infiniti M35, New Wheel locks (Baltimore, Maryland 21244) Contact Buyer
View Used Infiniti Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2005 Hyundai Xg350 Center Cap  (07:11:44)
2005 Hyundai Xg350, Used Center Cap (rochester, New York 14626) Contact Buyer
View Used Hyundai Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1992 Winnebago brave Door Handle  (07:07:12)
1992 Winnebago brave, Other, 4-Cyl, Gas/Carburetor, Automatic-OD, Used Door Handle, Other (Bristow, Oklahoma 74010) Contact Buyer
View Used Winnebago Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Transmission Assembly  (06:54:26)
1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Convertible, V-6, Gas/Injection, Automatic, FWD, Used Transmission Assembly, 31 (evansville, Indiana 47714) Contact Buyer
View Used Oldsmobile Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1987 Nissan Sentra Wheel/Rim Steel  (07:06:15)
1987 Nissan Sentra, Sedan, 4-Cyl, Gas/Carburetor, Automatic, 4x2, Looking for a wheel for a 2007 Sentra, Used Wheel/Rim Steel, 16"x5", 0 spokes, Driver (Burlington, Wisconsin 53105) Contact Buyer
View Used Nissan Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1970 Cadillac Deville Manual for vacuum  (07:02:50)
1970 Cadillac Deville, V-8, Automatic, RWD, Used Manual for vacuum, Please help with finding a vacuum diagram for the Carb. Emision,and any thing else controled by vacuum.It's a 1970 deville not a CA car.Some mechanic that didn't know what he was doing has things mixed up. Thanks (105 N. ST, West Virginia 25506) Contact Buyer
View Used Cadillac Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1957 Plymouth Fury Intake Manifold  (06:26:18)
1957 Plymouth Fury, Sedan, V-8, Gas/Carburetor, Automatic, RWD, Used Intake Manifold, 4bbl intake or 2 x 4 intake (clinton, Connecticut 06413) Contact Buyer
View Used Plymouth Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1995 Lexus Sc400 power steering hose  (05:42:18)
1995 Lexus Sc400, Used power steering hose (San Diego, California 92119) Contact Buyer
View Used Lexus Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1995 Honda Accord Wheel/Rim Alloy  (05:31:21)
1995 Honda Accord, Sedan, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, FWD, Used Wheel/Rim Alloy, 14"x6", 5-6 spokes, Other (Dothan, Alabama 36301) Contact Buyer
View Used Honda Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1976 Audi FOX turn signals  (04:29:47)
1976 Audi FOX, Wagon, 4-Cyl, Gas/Carburetor, 4-Speed-Std, 4x2, Remanufactured turn signals (Brisbane, __ 4285) Contact Buyer
View Used Audi Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2001 Chrysler 300m Hood  (04:17:24)
2001 Chrysler 300m, Any Hood (burley, Idaho 83318) Contact Buyer
View Used Chrysler Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1999 Lincoln Continental Molding  (02:07:36)
1999 Lincoln Continental, Sedan, V-8, Automatic, FWD, exterior door moldings front and rear passenger side., Used Molding, Passenger, exterior door moldings front and rear passenger side. the pearl white color preferrable. (Miami Gardens, Florida 33169) Contact Buyer
View Used Lincoln Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1982 Dodge Ramcharger Steering Column  (01:02:46)
1982 Dodge Ramcharger, Used Steering Column (New Boston, Illinois 61272) Contact Buyer
View Used Dodge Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2000 Chevrolet / Chevy Metro Wheel/Rim Steel  (00:37:05)
2000 Chevrolet / Chevy Metro, Hatchback, 3-Cyl, Gas/Carburetor, 5-Speed-Std, FWD, Used Wheel/Rim Steel, 13"xOther", 0 spokes, Passenger Front (Mayville, Wisconsin 53050) Contact Buyer
View Used Chevrolet / Chevy Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1986 Isuzu Impulse Rear Plastic Rectangle with Isuzu Impulse written in it, in betw  (00:23:54)
1986 Isuzu Impulse, Hatchback, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, RWD, Turbo, Any Rear Plastic Rectangle with Isuzu Impulse written in it, in betw (Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124) Contact Buyer
View Used Isuzu Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Supercharger  (00:07:03)
2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse, V-6, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, FWD, Any Supercharger (sterling heights, Michigan 48310) Contact Buyer
View Used Mitsubishi Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1989 Ford Festiva shifter bushings (shift rod bushings)  (00:12:30)
1989 Ford Festiva, Hatchback, 4-Cyl, Gas/Carburetor, 4-Speed-Std, FWD, shifter bushings (shift rod bushings), Any shifter bushings (shift rod bushings), shifter bushings (shift rod bushings) (Banning, California 92220) Contact Buyer
View Used Ford Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 2000 Acura RL EGR ASSEMBLY BOX  (00:28:28)
2000 Acura RL, Sedan, V-6, Gas/Injection, Automatic, FWD, Any EGR ASSEMBLY BOX, The box contains 2 valves:1 EGR valve vacuum control solenoid valve1 EGR valve vacuum control valve (Burlington, New Jersey 08016) Contact Buyer
View Used Acura Parts posted February 19, 2009
Used 1989 Toyota Camry Alternator  (00:18:51)
1989 Toyota Camry, Sedan, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, FWD, Any Alternator, 2.0 (Fort Worth, Texas 76116) Contact Buyer
View Used Toyota Parts posted February 19, 2009