Railroad Crossing Deaths - Railroad Crossings Kill Thousands Each Year

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Railroad Crossing Deaths - Railroad Crossings Kill Thousands Each Year

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A collision at a highway-railroad crossing is eleven times more likely to be fatal than a collision anywhere else. Crossing railroad tracks requires special care. Here are some safety tips for railroad crossing:

1. Expect a train on any track at any time of the day.Don't get trapped on a grade crossing.

2. Never drive onto a grade crossing unless you can clear the tracks on the other side. If you start over a crossing and the lights begin to flash or the gates descend, do not stop on the tracks. Continue to the other side.

3. Never drive around gates. If the gates are down, stop. Do not cross the tracks until the gates are raised, the lights stop flashing and it is clear in both directions to cross.

4. Watch out for the second train. At a double or triple track, don't assume that after the train passes you can cross safely. Do not proceed until you are sure that no other train is coming on another track, in either direction.

5. Get out of your vehicle if it stalls on the tracks. Get everyone out and off the tracks. If a train is coming, stay clear of the tracks. If there is no train approaching, have someone look for trains and push the vehicle off of the tracks.

6. Don't race a train.

7. Watch for vehicles that are required to stop at highway-railroad crossings.

8. Don't misjudge the train's speed and distance. Because of the size of the train, it appears to be moving more slowly than you think. If you have doubts, don't cross.

9. Use extra caution at night or when the weather is bad. Don't overdrive your headlights. By the time you see the train, you may not have enough time to stop before colliding with it.

10. Don't rely only on warning signals to tell you of an approaching train. Always look and listen for a train.

Chances are you are if you ever are stuck on a railroad track and God forbid a train is coming, that you will have the adrenaline pumping and use that to your advantage to run like the wind so you can easily get out of the way in time to miss an on coming train. But we really do not need to go to extremes to save your life, because if you follow these normal operating procedures above you will never have to use your superior athletic ability or over induced adrenaline to get away, because you will have never gotten yourself into that unfortunate situation in the first place.

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