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Save Yourself with Air Bags

Security remains on top of our mind while purchasing any car, and we always tend to examine various security measures integrated with the automobile. Airbags are one such measure, which secures us against the dangerous jerks or accidents. These life-saving bags are the most common attachment to modern vehicles. These bags are placed on various crucial locations in your car and open-up automatically during collisions, thereby safeguard you from hitting the body of the car. Thus, it is a pre-requisite for all the motorists to maintain and refurbish their air-bag system properly. Regular checking of the air-bags is recommended as a slight ignorance may cost your lives at times. The article further elaborates the utility of air-bags and some vital air-bag replacement tips to ensure a safer ride for you.

Methodology of Air-Bag Replacement

Many of vehicle experts recommend the replacement of the air-bags after a stipulated time; say 8 years, as these bags have a specific life period after which they become ineffective. There are various things involved in its replacement and some conscious efforts are needed from the owner's part. Some of the most common issues are described below:

1) Location of the Airbag - Different vehicles has different designs and configurations, and thus the location of the air-bag varies accordingly. So you should first locate the appropriate place for air-bag needed to be replaced. Generally, these are attached to the steering and the doors of the car. This information can be obtained from the user manual of the vehicle.

2) Replacement of the Airbag - After locating the position correctly, the all important job of replacement follows. It simply doesn't mean the plain substitution of the airbag only, but it also involves the replacement of linked components. For example, the clock-spring might be melted and just because of this air-bags may not be functioning well. Other replacements may include, driver and passenger air-bag module, head air-bag module, seat belt system etc. Secondly, the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the materials to be replaced should be done properly. Replacement with already deployed bag must be avoided as its material may not be apt from security point of view. This replacement must be carried out under the supervision of a qualified technician.

3) Resetting the Airbag Lights - After installing the new airbag it is advisory to reset the light of the air-bag. For this is to be done, the codes of the light must be read and cleared first, followed by resetting it in accordance with the changed set of airbags. This is mainly done to align the control system with the actual mechanism of airbag deployment, otherwise there might be a great confusion regarding the application of the mechanism.

The above steps unfold the whole procedure and intricacies involved in airbag substitution. These are mere suggestions, however if the problem seems to be more obscure, the vehicle should be rushed to a licensed mechanic.

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