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Oil Pan Replacement

Make Your Car Run Like New With An Oil Pan Replacement

If you want your vehicle to function for a longer span then you should a keep a check on your vehicle's different parts. While driving, you may have observed a trailing line of oil following your car. This trailing line might be the result of oil leakage from the engine, which is obviously a bad sign for your vehicle. Oil leakage often slows down the speed of the vehicle and it can significantly hamper the normal functioning of the engine. This oil might be coming out, because of the worn-out oil pan. Oil pan doesn't have any complex components in it, so its repairing hardly makes any sense. In case of damaged oil-pan, it should be replaced with a better one. Replacement is required when oil drain plug is stripped off and it is usually done for increasing the capacity of the engine. This may prove to be useful for ensuring oil availability for the oil-pump even in the worst driving conditions.

Oil Pan Replacement Tips

As oil pan is a part of the engine, it is really tricky for a commoner to replace it at his own. Despite the complexity it has, we try to deliver some of the useful tips for getting the job of replacement done:

Equipments Needed: The task of the replacement requires some specific tools, which include, New Oil Pan Gasket, a Degreaser, Thread sealer, Wrench, Screwdriver and Mallet

Removal Procedure: The removal process can be performed by following some easy go steps:

  • First of all, raise the front of vehicle with a jack and try and get the view of the engine. At its bottom you will find the oil-pan.
  • Detect the oil leakage by cleaning the engine with the help of degreaser. After the detection, remove the splash shield and bellhousing cover.
  • Carefully locate the essential lugs and bolts in the vicinity of the oil-pan, as some of the bolts may be hidden behind other parts.
  • Remove all the bolts one by one. After that, oil pan can be easily be taken out from the engine of the vehicle
  • When the pan is out, just clear off all the scrap from the gadget and internal sealing portions should be cleaned properly with a good solvent.
  • For identifying the cracks in the pan, properly check it from inside and finally the old gadget must be removed.

Installing a new oil-pan

A new pan can be installed as follows:

  • Its time for installing a new oil pan, so, insert a new gasket into the vehicle and all the bolts are tightened in the spiral pattern from the center to fit the gadget in its proper position .
  • Reattach all the accessories in their appropriate locations.
  • Now inspect the engine for leakage and its proper functioning.

Preventions and Safety Measures

  • Oil pan should not be bent while removal.
  • To get the pan loose with the help of screwdriver may sometimes result in bending of the mounting surface which should be avoided with a conscious handling.
  • Pan may get cracked when it is taken out with the help of mallet, before removing all the bolts carefully.
  • Clean all the residual materials from the pan for proper insertion of new pan.
  • Cracks in the pan should be detected before the insertion of the new pan.
Installation of a new oil pan is a bit technical in nature, so, avoid doing it at your home, and always refer to a reliable mechanic to do the job.

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