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With Automotive Instant Exchange you can buy and locate any New / Remanufactured or used automotive part(s) right from your Personal Computer, whether you are a business or individual buyer. As a buyer you specify what you're looking for, and receive quotes from sellers for it. After selecting the best quote, you will be able to purchase it.

Sending Queries

As a buyer you specify what you're looking for by sending queries for quotes. To send a query you need click on the button "New Query", fill out the form and then click on the button "Submit". It's that easy! Try to provide as much information about what you're looking for as possible. The more specific you are the better quotes you'll get. The following are query parameters and some tips on how to enter them:
 Vehicle information: ( - required parameter)
Make (required)your vehicle's make, you need to select it from the list
Model (required)your vehicles model, you can either select it from the list corresponding to the make or enter manually if the model is not in the list
Year (required)your vehicles year of manufacturing
Other specificsany other information about your vehicle such as packages installed. Try to enter specifics related to the part you're looking for
VINVehicle Identification Number. Sometimes it's useful for a seller to find the right part or assembly for you by looking at VIN number
Body Style, Transmission, Axle, Engine Type and Size, Fueladditional parameters describing your vehicle for the seller
 Part information: ( - required parameter)
Conditions (required)part condition you're looking for (only new, used, OEM, etc.). If you are not sure you may choose "Any" and then select quotes with various part conditions
Part Type (required)type of the part you're looking for. You may either select it from the list (highly recommended) or enter manually if the part does not fall into any group in the list
Part Name (required)name of the part. You may either select it from the list corresponding to part type (highly recommended) or enter manually if the part is not on the list or you entered part type manually. Both part type and part name are the key factors for the sellers to be able to easily and quickly find the part
Quantityhow many parts you need
Price Rangewhat price you would be willing to pay for a single part or unit
Other specificsany other information and comments about the part you're looking for. The text will help sellers to identity the right part
Part Numberif you know any number that could identify the part (such as OEM number) you may enter it here
Color, Side, Sizeadditional attributes describing the part (when applicable)
Time Framewhen you need the part. You may get better prices by specifying a longer time frame

Queries along with your contact information are distributed to thousands of subscribed sellers in real time. You'll start receiving the quotes shortly after submitting a query. Watch for quotes, decide which one fits you best and buy the part when you're ready.

Watching For Quotes

All your queries are displayed in the "Outgoing Queries" view. Right after you submit a query it's displayed in the view with no quotes under it (just yet!). The system periodically checks for incoming quotes. You may also check for new quotes manually by clicking on the "Synchronize" button. If there's any new quotes coming in for you they will be displayed directly under the query the quote is for. One query may have many quotes. Be patient and review multiple quotes before making your selection and purchasing the part. Quote information may vary from what you have originally requested - it's totally at sellers' discretion.

The "Incoming Quotes" view displays all the quotes from sellers as a flat list. These are the same quotes as you see under queries in the "Outgoing Queries" view presented and sorted in a different way. When a quote is selected from either list the bottom portion of the application (the "details" area) displays detailed information about the seller and his quote. The following is the list of quote parameters and some tips how to interpret them:

General Information:

  • Seller's name and contact information.
  • Quote date and time.

Vehicle Information:

  • Make, Model, Year - make, model and year of the vehicle the part is for.
  • Other specifics - any other information about vehicle. Sellers may enter the details to ensure the part will fit your vehicle.

Part Information:

  • Conditions - part conditions as per seller's inventory.
  • Part Type - type of the part matching your query.
  • Part Name - name of the part you requested.
  • Quantity - how many units the seller can supply.
  • Price - seller's price for the part. The price is a single part or unit if you buy more than one.
  • Other specifics - any other information and comments about the part from the seller.
  • Part Number - part number based on seller's inventory.
  • Color, Side, Size - additional attributes describing the part (when applicable).

Buying The Part

Once you receive quotes for your part you need to select one and complete the purchase. Automotix Exchange provides you with quotes and corresponding seller information. Sellers may have online stores selling new and used parts online. In this case all you have to do is to click on the link "Buy Now" that will take you to seller's website. Normally the website will provide you with additional product description, specifications and pictures; then allow you to purchase the part online. If a seller does not provide online purchases for the part you'll need to contact the seller via email, phone, fax, instant messenger or other communication means. Seller contact information is always attached to the quote.

Keeping Your Data Organized

You may be looking for many parts and products. Over time the list of quotes can grow bigger and bigger. You may delete unnecessary or outdated records (individual quotes and/or queries) or you may decide to archive them for your references. To delete a query or quote, highlight corresponding records in a view and then click on the "Delete" button. After the confirmation the record(s) get permanently deleted from the system.

It's recommended to archive records instead. Select queries and/or quotes and then choose menu "Action / Archive". The records will move from all the current views (Outgoing Queries, Incoming Quotes) and will be placed in the Archive view. The Archive view is organized similar to Outgoing Queries except the records here are marked as archived. It's possible to restore records from archive and make them active again. To do that you need to select the records and then choose "Action / Restore" from the main menu. The records will be moved back to active lists. If you delete or archive a query the system deletes / archives all corresponding quotes.