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Car Insurance Maine

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Maine Insurance Facts

With just over one million passenger vehicles insured each year in Maine, the insurance market is extremely competitive, and comparison-shopping is the way to get the lowest rates for your main insurance. The average expenditure for Maine residents in 2005 was $644 at year for their automobile insurance, Maine ranked number 10 as the least expensive state in the nation for insurance.

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Minimum Requirements for Maine

Maine likes to make sure that should you cause an accident that the people that you injure or property that you damage will be taking care of. So they demand that you carry liability insurance, uninsured motorist insurance and medical payment insurance before you can drive on the road to Maine. Liability limits are of at least $50,000 per person for injury or death with a $100,000 for one accident. You will also need at least $25,000 for property damage and $1000 for medical payments. You will be unable to register your vehicle unless you can show proof that you are carrying the minimum liability amounts of insurance.

Main insurance agents will issue you an insurance card that can be used as proof of your liability, comprehensive, collision and medical insurance. When you go to register your vehicle, you will need to bring this proof of insurance with you. Should you have a cancellation of your insurance policy in Maine the insurance agency is demanded to notify the Bureau of motor vehicles that your liability coverage is no longer valid. Once the BMV has been notified, you will receive a notification from the Secretary of State demanding that you show proof of insurance within 30 days or your automobile registration will be canceled.

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Portland, Lewiston, Westbrook and Auburn Maine Insurance Facts

In Portland, Maine almost one half million people live in the city, so you can bet that there are a lot of insurance policies written in Maine. The average commute for most residents in Portland is 18.7 minutes; this means that spending time on the road is a must. You can reduce your insurance premiums by purchasing a car that is not on the 10 most stolen vehicles list in Maine, purchasing a vehicle that is not a high powered vehicle, a sports car, a very small car or a luxury vehicle. 173 vehicles were stolen in Portland, Maine in 2005 so purchasing antitheft devices, parking your car in a garage, or in a secured parking lot will also help lower your insurance premiums.

Lewiston, Maine is the second-largest city in the state of Maine and has an estimated population as of 2007 of just fewer than 38,000. Lewiston Maine has a slightly longer commute than Portland, Maine at 18.8 minutes, in a 2004 there were four fatal car crashes involving seven people and five vehicles. There are many ways to stay safe on the road in Lewiston Maine and taking a defensive driving course will help and also help keep your insurance premiums lower.

In the small city of Westbrook Maine as of the census of 2000 there were just over 16,000 people, but its proximity to Portland increases commute times. You can reduce your insurance premiums by making sure that all safety mechanisms in your vehicle work properly, that you purchase a vehicle with a high crash test rating, and that all drivers in your family take a defensive tracking course.

In Auburn Maine, the census of 2000 discovered that there were just over 23,000 people living in the city. For most residents of Auburn Maine they would have a 21.6 minute commute and this puts a lot of vehicles on the road at one time. With four fatality crashes involving 13 people and 11 vehicles in 2004, staying safe becomes a priority. This means driving a vehicle with a high crash test rating, using your seatbelts, and driving defensively.

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Automotix Offers Free Insurance Quotes for Maine Residents

With all the drivers in Maine, it becomes imperative to comparison shop for your insurance premiums. Automotix has made that easy and convenient. You'll simply enter a bit of personal information, information concerning your driver's record, and information about your vehicle. You will then receive a multitude of quotes from different insurance agents in Maine. This will allow you to choose the lowest premium for your Maine insurance. It's simple and effective to use Automotix to find the least expensive insurance premium for you and all the drivers and your family

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Here are some of the Maine insurance carriers waiting for your business:

 insurance agencies: Progressive, Geico, Travelers, The Heartland, insweb, Encompass Insurance, Safeco Insurance, Esurance, Unitrin and Direct