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Publisher:Automotix LLC
Date added:May 15, 2004
Minimum requirements:Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Internet Explorer 5.0
Uninstaller included?:Yes
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Publisher's Description

Automotix is an Internet exchange client offering a wide range of features that allow automotive buyers and sellers to communicate with each other anywhere in the world, at any time. Automotix is a patent pending technology designed specifically to the automotive industry. Automotive sellers and buyers can download FREE the software to their PC and enjoy instant exchange mean. Buyers - Automotix lets you distribute your queries to thousands of subscribed sellers in real time. You'll start receiving sellers' quotes shortly after submitting a query including price, description, picture and a URL where to buy. Look for incoming quotes, decide which one fits you best and buy when you're ready. Buying with Automotix is simple and intuitive process. Sellers - With Automotix Instant Exchange you can sell your car(s), automotive parts and products. After signing up with the system and entering your specialty you'll start receiving buyer's queries matching your store specialty (filters). You reply to incoming queries with your quotes offering cars or parts for sale. In additional to manually replying to queries in many situations you may instruct the system to reply automatically on your behalf. This way the buyers will get quotes quicker even when you're not actively working with Instant Exchange program (the program would run in background on your computer connected to the Internet). Replying with the quote does not guarantee the sale. However, the faster you reply the better chances are the buyer will chose your quote and buy the part from you.

Review of Automotix

This automotive instant exchange lets you sell and/or buy any new cars, pre-owned/used cars, salvage autos, damaged/repairable automobiles, classic and antique cars, OEM, aftermarket, re-manufactured or used automotive part(s) right from your personal computer whether you are a small, large, wholesale, retail, business or an individual seller or buyer. Automotix lets sellers upload their store catalogs and decide what buyers they want to do business with. In addition, Automotix lets buyers to define the sellers' criteria so only relevant quotes will be displayed. Most important, Automotix lets buyers and sellers exchange communications instantly without the need of searching for the price and the important information on the page. Virtually, Automotix lets buyers to access catalogs of unlimited number of sellers in one simple transaction. Automotix is designed to utilize the endless power of the wide world web. You may ask quotes or queries from your friends. However, your friends must join the Automotix network before you can add them to your buddy list. If you have a network of automotive buyers and/or sellers scattered across various networks, Automotix will be worth your time.

    Tip: If you don't have a fast Internet connection, you may find Automotix the best option to buy or sell automotive products and services.

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