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Info Automotix has made it a one stop shop for you to find your automotive news, insurance information, car and truck forums, recall information, consumer reports, our Automotix Newsletter and a way to contact us with your suggestions, concerns and information needs. The Automotix information page is a wealth of information from affiliates, car and truck informational articles, our favorite links, news in the manufacturing world and up to date automotive information, as well as information on safety, fuel mileage, repairs and driving and of course, our About Us page.
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Automotive News Looking for information on a specific vehicle? Then look here. We supply up-to-date auto information. Stay on the cutting edge of the automotive industry with our help. You can find just about any information that you desire regarding any vehicle.
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Auto Insurance Need a quote but don't want to fill out a hundred forms or spend hours on the phone trying to get the best rates? Do you want the best deal possible? Let help you. By just registering your zip code we can give you a list of all the online car insurance agencies certified to provide service in your area. With just a minimal amount of information you can receive quotes and compare rates. If saving is your goal we have just the right vehicle to help you achieve it.
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Newsletter This is one of the most informative newsletters available for the car enthusiast. You will find how-to guides, parts shopping guides, and money-saving after money-saving tips and coupons. The newsletter will allow you to really enjoy your car. Learn about the newest accessories as well as performance and street racing guides. Take care of your car in the most cost efficient way with quality parts and information. Try for all your car care needs from parts to information.
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Articles articles are the place to find the answers to your toughest automotive questions. If you want to know about removal or installation of a specific part, or how about buying a car online, Automotix is the one place to find the information you need from completing that project to getting the right insurance at the best rate. Check out our user-friendly article search. We know you will like what you find.
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Affiliate Do you want to provide your customers with the most reliable, accurate, real time information regarding used auto parts? We have cutting edge technology to link affiliates with consumers to cut the time and hassle of finding used auto parts. When using our affiliate system you can assure your customers that they are contacting a reputable seller not just any seller. Take the time out of used part searches with real-time messaging and searching.
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About Us is your one-stop shopping mall for each and every automotive need. We will link you with providers of equipment, parts, accessories, and information. You want it at the right price, at your fingertips and today not tomorrow. We are the solution that you have been searching for. Automotix is a patent pending desktop technology designed for the automotive industry. Sellers and buyers can download the software to their PC and enjoy instant exchange.
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Contact Us You can reach us online, by mail or by phone you pick the way that suits you best. If you have a suggestion a question or a tidbit, please contact us. We will be glad to hear from you. If you need to contact a provider there is a direct link to them with real time exchange so enjoy and feel free to contact us.
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BUYING USED AUTO PARTS: THE DO'S AND DON'TS This complete guide is filled with valuable tips on how to buy used parts, where to look for quality salvage parts, how best to determine a fair price, ways to validate salvage yards, and how not to get ripped off by fraudulent wrecking yards. A must have for anybody buying parts.
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