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Version 2.6 Build 989 - January 18, 2006

Online Payment Processing

Automotix is now offering a real-time procurement solution. Buyers and sellers have the option to send and accept payments in a secure manner -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sellers can now close more deals directly through the Automotix system. Buyer receiving quotes from sellers can place a purchase order through the system at any time. The purchase order includes the buyer's shipping, billing and payment information. On the sellers end, this new feature will organize, authenticate, and store all credit card information. In addition, sellers can print the order history, accounting receipts, and shipping labels pertaining to each transaction.

Improved User Interface

The new interface allows all users to sell and buy parts regardless to their business role. The new user interface makes the Automotix system more intuitive and easy to use. A "message indicator" on the upper-right corner will appear and blink when new communication/information has arrived and needs your attention.

Note that the navigator bar is now hidden. To turn it back on, go to the "View" menu and click the Navigator option.

Instant Quote Feature

Sellers can now submit price quotes to buyers at a greater speed. To submit an instant quote, press the F2 key and the system will take you directly to the quote section in the Details screen.

Individual Instant Passes

Automotix now provides unsubscribed sellers the option to purchase Individual Passes. These Instant Passes allow sellers to work the leads upon necessity. This feature is a great fit for a smaller yard, a body shop or a seller that deals with unique and/or niche products.


Version 2.0 Build 2036 - July 26, 2005

Car Instant Exchange (New)

Automotix is proud to introduce its new Car Instant Exchange. Now, you will have a new section for CARS, in addition to the existing Parts section. With this new version, sellers and buyers can trade new, used/pre-owned, salvage, damaged, repairable, rebuildable or classic/antique cars and trucks in real-time speed.

All Automotix users have FREE access to the Car Instant Exchange.

For more information, visit our site at or contact us.


Version 1.2 Build 3700 - March 31, 2005

Earn Money/Affiliate (New)

Automotix is proud to launch the "Earn Money/Affiliate" program. The only Affiliate program for the used auto parts industry. Earn Money, help us spread the word, and take part in the SUCCESS of Automotix.


Version 1.2 Build 3315 - February 17, 2005

Hot Deals (New Feature)

This is a new business tool helping you to sell your discounted product(s), surplus, overstock and non-inventory item(s).

With the Hot Deals tool, you can list your product for UNLIMITED time and reach nationwide automotive buyers that might need your excess item(s).

Popup Control (Enhanced Feature)

The popup alert window, indicating new incoming communication, now includes an "Options" link. You can now turn on/off the alert for incoming: Queries, Quotes, Messages and Hot Deals. It can be done also from the menu - "Tools", "Options".


Version 1.2 Build 2263 - January 18, 2005

Member-Lookup (New Feature)

This is a new business tool helping you to find and connect instantly with members of your choice.

With the Member-Lookup tool, you can find a specific member, search for members, view member's profile information, send a private message and submit a personal part query.

This feature is available exclusively to members of the Automotix Hotlines: Recycler-To-Recycler, Mechanic-To-Mechanic, Dealer-To-Dealer and BodyShop-To-BodyShop.

Performances Changes

This release includes performance and filtering enhancements.

Layout Changes

  1. Top buttons were changed to display the most common functions
  2. The Query/Quote Action buttons were moved under the Details window
  3. Automotix Users can advertise now on the Automotix main panel


Version 1.2 Build 1447 - December 14, 2004

Automotix is proud to announce the introduction of its Patent-Pending Marketplace technology. Upon this release, any communication will be associated with a specialized marketplace. To participate in a particular marketplace you must subscribe first. Subscription fees may apply depending on the user's role and the volume/quality of the marketplace.

The Automotix Marketplace technology allows you to communicate with your own buyers/sellers exclusively. Now, you have a multi-million dollar technology readily available to you. Take advantage of it! Read below how.

The Automotix Marketplace technology brings you more value and business opportunities then ever, whether you are a seller or buyer.

How to Subscribe To a Marketplace?

  1. Go to the "Marketplaces" screen under the "General" folder
  2. View the Marketplaces Available For Subscription
  3. Select the desired marketplace and click on the "Subscribe" option

Note you may subscribe as a Visitor, Buyer and/or Seller role.

What Is a Marketplace?

Automotix Marketplace enables a group of Automotix users to communicate between themselves, with all inquiries and bids being visible only to the users defined within that group. A Marketplace is equipped with all the features and benefits of the Automotix software.

The Automotix Marketplace can be valuable in a variety of applications:

  • Sellers interested in communicating exclusively with their own buyers
  • Buyers interested in communicating exclusively with their own sellers without interruption
  • A network of sellers interested in utilizing Automotix as a private hotline
  • A network of dealers interested in sharing / linking their parts inventories exclusively
  • An auto club interested in establishing a specialized marketplace
  • A network of buyers interested in qualifying sellers joining their marketplace
  • A network of sellers interested in qualifying the buyers joining their marketplace
  • Any application that requires private communication within a specified group of users

Who Can Create a Marketplace?

Any Automotix user can create a marketplace and invite others to join. When creating a new Marketplace, one can describe the nature of the Marketplace, terms and conditions, and indicate if the marketplace is available for the public to join or whether it is a member-restricted marketplace.

For more information, please contact us.


Version 1.1 Build 206 - October 7, 2004

  1. Seller's Extended Profile

    Sellers can use this utility to include extensive and detailed information regarding the company, product quality, shipping, warranty and other terms and conditions.
    Buyers can view the extended profile with any quote. It is highly recommended for sellers to take the time to update "My Extended Profile." It will improve your sales.

  2. Print Option

    Now you can print queries and quotes in a friendly format.

  3. Query / Quote Acknowledgment

    Starting with this version, you will receive acknowledgment when sending queries or quotes. To turn off the acknowledgment feature, check the "Do not show this message again" option.

  4. Delete Confirmation

    Starting with this version, you can choose not to receive confirmations each time you delete a record. To turn off the delete confirmation, check the "Do not show this message again" option.

  5. Features Coming Soon

    1. Catalog Import Utility
    Import your auto parts inventory (or catalog) to the Automotix system with one click and enjoy automated quotes.

    2. Purchase orders
    Buyers will be able to accept a quote and place a purchase order in real time.

    3. Earn money with Automotix
    New programs will be available to earn money with Automotix. More details soon.

Version 1.0 Build 5228 - September 8, 2004

  1. Signature

    Sellers and/or Buyers can now add a signature to the outgoing Queries/Quotes by recording the signature information in the user's profile. Once you have updates your signature, all the future queries/quotes will sent out together with your signature. To add or update your signature, go to File menu, select My Profile and update the signature information.

  2. Automotix Instant Messaging

    Automotix Instant Messaging allows Automotix sellers and buyers to send question(s) and receive answer(s) on a particular quote or query. Automotix Instant Messaging can be utilized by buyers and sellers for different purposes. For example a seller can ask the buyer for additional information on a particular query; the buyer can request a volume discount, ask a follow-up question or finalize a sale of a particular transaction. To send a message, highlight the query/quote/message line and press the "Send Message" button. Check the Messages folder for new incoming messages.

  3. Bolding New Communications

    Automotix software will now display Folders with new communications in bold. For example if you get new queries, your Pending Queries Folder will be in bold along with the New / Total query counters.

  4. Rating System

    We have added Rating information to the Query and Quote records identifying the qualification level of the buyer or seller. The Rating system allows Automotix software to display the information by its qualification. The higher rating the better chance for a successful trading - High rate implies a trusted user (seller/buyer).

  5. Personal Notes

    You can add your personal notes to a query or quote. The personal notes are visible only to you. To place personal notes on a particular query/quote, highlight the query/quote line and press the "Write Notes" button. In the New Note form add your personal notes and press "OK". The notes will appear on the left lower portion of the Details window.

  6. Bold / Un-Bold

    To change the status of any Automotix communication from NEW to READ and vice versa, highlight the query/quote/message line and press the Space Bar on your keyboard (also works on group of lines).

  7. Country Option

    International users can now utilize Automotix software