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Automotive Overview

With Automotix Instant Exchange you can sell your automotive parts and products. After signing up with the system and entering your specialty you'll start receiving buyer's queries matching your profile (specialty). You will be able to reply to incoming queries with your quotes offering parts for sale. In addition to manually replying to queries in many situations you may instruct the system to reply automatically on your behalf. This way the buyers will get quotes quicker even when you're not actively working with Instant Exchange program (the program would run in background on your computer connected to the Internet). Replying with the quote does not guarantee the sale. However, the faster you reply the better the chances are that the buyer will choose your quote and finally buy the part from you.

Who is qualified to be a seller?

Managing Specialty Records

In order to get the right queries from buyers you need to enter and manage specialty records (query filters). Filters define rules to route buyer queries to your computer. With no filters entered you will not receive queries. Filters also help to avoid irrelevant queries - queries for something you don't sell. To create a new filter you need to select My Specialty from the navigation tree and then click on the "New Filter" button. There are three levels of filters:

  1. Doing Business With
  2. Vehicle Specialty
  3. Part Specialty

The following are filter parameters with basic tips on how to use them:

 Doing Business With:
Business Typeto receive queries from a specific business type, for example "Body shop"
Originating Statefilter the queries according the buyers location (state)
Originating Cityfilter the queries according the buyers location (city)
 Vehicle Specialty:
Year RangeStart & End Year - When only one year applies, the End Year is blank
Maketo receive queries for a specific car make, for example "Ford"
Modelto receive queries for a specific make and model, for example "Ford Mustang"
 Vehicle Specialty:
Part Conditionwhether you want to receive queries for new, used, OEM, etc
Part Groupspecific part types, for example A/C Parts
Part Namespecific part, for example Air Conditioner Compressor

Try to enter filters matching exactly to your specialty. If you're a one-time seller with just a few parts to sell enter the vehicle information the part is for and the part information. You'll get only queries for your parts. If you sell any specific product type, for example brake parts, we recommend leaving make and model as "any" and entering corresponding part type. The number of filters you can enter is unlimited. You may add new, change or delete existing filters at any time. Filter information is stored on the server, not on your computer.

    Note: Although it's possible to enter just one "any" filter covering all makes, models, part types and conditions, it's highly not recommended. This way you would receive too many queries what you may not be able to reply to.


When signing up you will be prompted to define your profile. There you can define the information about your business that will be available to the buyers. The profile will be also used by the system to filter the queries you will receive. You can change the profile at any time.

My Catalog

The catalog is a powerful tool. It allows you to list your parts. You will be able to pull information from the catalog and send quotes based on it. It can be used to let the system reply automatically on your behalf. By defining a catalog you can reach the buyer quicker and send quotes even when you're not actively working with Instant Exchange program. You can add, remove or modify catalog items.

Seller's Benefits

  • Thousands Of Auto Part Buyers Daily
  • Automated Quotes From Your Part Inventory
  • Complete Part Procurement Solution
  • Receive Part Queries That Match Your Specialty
  • Save On Sales And Marketing Cost! No Website Is Needed!
  • No Middleman Markups!
  • Save On Search Cost, Phone Calls And Searching Time
  • Let Your Pc Work For You! Focus On Your Core Business!
  • Eliminate Expensive Search Engine Positioning And Submission Services!