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A device that is known to control entire functioning of the vehicle’s air conditioner is air conditioner compressor. Without it, the A/C is completely futile. All the parts that help in smooth running of the A/C compliment each other. A/C runs with the help of a belt attached to the vehicle’s engine. As such, the A/C compressor is a kind of a plump that works according to rotation of this A/C compressor pulley. Coming further to the belt, it gets its support by the electromagnetic clutch that we acknowledged as A/C compressor clutch.

You may shift to a used A/C compressor if you do not want to give a large sum of money to your mechanic for repairing your old one. It will never let you down in term of performance if you choose among them with extreme care. To start with, you are required to understand working of the device. A/C compressor works in a closed loop. It continuously pumps the air conditioning system’s refrigerant with support of its other part.

Always ask for guarantee and warranty period of the used A/C compressor as it is not easy to replace it again and again. You must examine its capability to change the compressed refrigerant gas into high temperature gas. This is its main function because of which it is known as A/C compressor. Next thing to be taken into consideration is its good lubrication and high efficiency. Your used A/C compressor must be equipped with air proof capacity. Some used A/C compressor possessed two cylinder reciprocating piston while some of them has four cylinder radial types. You may choose among them depending on your requirement. Get yourself assured regarding the number of cylinders installed in your used A/C compressor along with diameter of its cylinder.

It should not have rusted crank with worn out pistons. Damaged pistons generally do not have metal ring on their either side or these rings are broken. These rings serve as valves to the compressor. Sometimes, these used A/C compressors lack clutch. A/C is one of the most needed equipment in the vehicle. Therefore, be sure to look out for any kind of damages in its key component. Be aware of the defective pieces. It must be compatible with precision operation. Ask for its being resistant to every temperature irrespective of low, middle and high. Have the one that is available in small size or you may consult to a dealer to have an appropriate one.

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