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The idea behind an antenna (manual/power) in a radio transmitter is to launch the radio waves into space. In a receiver, the idea is to pick up as much of the transmitter’s power as possible and supply it to the tuner. The size of a radio antenna (manual/power) is related to the frequency of the signal the used antenna (manual/power) is trying to transmit or receive.

A used antenna (manual/power) of higher quality can improve the reception signals by replacing the factory-installed antenna (manual/power). Not all component AM/FM receivers have built-in antenna (manual/power). Most high-end receivers, however, do have an external connection for an AM loop antenna (manual/power). All one needs to do is install this used loop antenna (manual/power) and orient it appropriately for the best reception. Combined used AM/FM antennas (manual/power) are available for reasonable prices depending on the features that one wants.

Correct antenna (manual/power) placement is critical to the performance of a used antenna (manual/power). An antenna (manual/power) mounted on the roof will function better than the same used antenna (manual/power) installed on the hood or trunk of a car. Knowledge of the vehicle may also be an important factor in determining what type of used antenna (manual/power) to use. One would not want to install a glass mount used antenna (manual/power) on the rear window of a vehicle in which metal has been used to tint the glass. The metal tinting will work as a shield and not allow signals to pass through the glass.

The radiation or antenna (manual/power) pattern is a reception pattern as it describes the receiving properties of an antenna (manual/power). For mobile and portable applications the type of used antenna (manual/power) needed would be one with unidirectional radiation pattern. The omni directional antenna (manual/power) radiates and receives equally well in all horizontal directions. The gain of an omni directional used antenna (manual/power) can be increased by narrowing the beam width in the vertical or elevation plane. The net effect is to focus the used antenna (manual/power)’s energy toward the horizon.

Omni directional used antennas (manual/power) with different gains are used to improve reception and transmission in certain types of terrain. A 0 db d gain used antenna (manual/power) is more useful in mountainous and metropolitan areas with tall buildings. A 3 dbd gain used antenna (manual/power) is useful in suburban and general settings. A 5 dbd gain used antenna (manual/power) radiates more energy toward the horizon and are best used in deserts, plains, flatlands, and open farm areas.

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