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The major purpose of constant-velocity axle shaft assemblies involves the distribution of torque while turning of the wheels. This torque is also supplied when the suspension is moving upwards and downwards. Thus, if your engine is not performing efficiently, go to some expert technician.

The CV shaft, boot and joints belong to same assembly. They are mostly used in four wheel drive and front-wheel-drive. One assembly of shaft is used on each side. Sometimes, it is also referred as half shaft. Output shaft of transmission is connected to the inner CV joint. Inner joint can slide in as well as out. Thus, results in a little modification in entire shaft assembly length. This is quite significant for allowing modifications in suspension travel and ride height. Now, the major part of axle shaft is attached with outer CV joint. There is one protective boot over both the inner and outer joints.

Outer CV joint is capable to transmit torque when wheels turned sharply. CV joint is then attached with a stub shaft that is connected with wheel hub and bearing assembly. In the earlier front-wheel-drive vehicles, axle shafts of unequal length were used. Torque steer was one of the consequences of such driving feature. While accelerating, it leads to pulling on one side. Nowadays, most of cars have axle shafts of equal length on both the sides. This result in neutralization of torque steer effect.

You must inspect the axle shaft at every oil change. Wearing of CV boot will result in tearing, cracking and the packed lubricant moves freely out of CV joint. Now, dirt can enter into the joint. The best way of getting rid from all these problems is the replacement of axle shaft. If there is a clicking sound while turning, that means there is one bad outer CV joint. Trouble in CV joint can be noticed with shudder, vibration or clunking sound while accelerating or decelerating. Never avoid the warning signs.

In order to replace the worn out axle shaft, you must go through certain online catalogs. If you want to save money, you may opt for used axle shaft. They are also available on various online catalogs. Just order them and they will be at your doorstep. There is no need to bother about the reliability and durability of the used axle shaft, as they are made up of high quality. If you have any query regarding the used part, call the customer care representative.

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