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Big Block is an engine that works on basis of 5.9 liters of displacement. Earlier in 1970, the engines’ displacement was 8.2 liters. Considering its disadvantages, auto manufacturers decided to come forward with a new design of engine having greater caliber. This results into manufacturing of the big block engine. It is known to overcome all limitations of conventional big block racing engines. Moreover, big block engines provide much more space under the hood. If you possess either a full sized car or a luxury car, you may enhance efficiency of your vehicle with big block. Some of the equipments are good to buy as used one. Indeed, big block is one of those products. However, they are not suitable for the compact cars.

Unique features of big block include smooth built, low-end torque, and effortless cruising. It is less prone to technical problems therefore are more preferable. Most auto enthusiasts love to have it for their sports utility car. Apart from these, you will easily find the big blocks equipped in pick up trucks and non car uses as well. Even torque output of the used big block is far away greater than that of the small block. Consider the used big block depending on layout of your vehicle.

Although, it is used, still it will never let down its consumer in terms of quality and high performance. Being much cost efficient, it forms delight of many customers. Big block engines are much encouraged by the brand names like Chevrolet. While shopping for the used big block, you need to comprehend about its cylinder heads. Some of us categorize it as open and closed chambers. Some features are there that draw a line of difference between the two chambers. Talking about closed chamber cylinder, it has small combustion chamber volume. This further helps it to generate high compression ratio. As opposed to this, open chamber is much larger and produce lower compression ratios. This clearly explains its requirement of possessing a large piston dome to come up to the same compression ratio as generated by the closed chamber.

Several online catalogs deal in big blocks. Their customer care executives are present for 24 hours a day to answer your queries. You may replace the product within a definite guarantee period in case you do no like it.

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