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If the clutch master cylinder of your vehicle is leaking that means your vehicle is heading towards breakdown and failure. The major symptoms of brake failure include making noise while depressing the brake and friction from brake line. Friction from brake line results in heat that might damage the pads. There will be a metallic grinding sound of worn out brake pads. The contact between two metals will result in damaging of drums and rotors. You will also experience a low and fading brake pedal. Thus you must check the clutch master cylinder, as it is the heart of brake system. It is comprised of a reservoir containing brake fluid. Placed on the firewall, it requires a periodic check for ensuring adequate fluid level.

You must replace the old clutch master cylinder with new one. Clutch master cylinder is placed inside the engine hood and is attached to the smaller cylindrical reservoir. Removing of clutch master cylinder is quite simple. Firstly, take out the reservoir cap of the container comprises of fluid on master cylinder.

Get a syringe, to remove a little amount of brake fluid from container. When the fluid reached a minimum level, take out the syringe. Dispose this fluid in plastic container. Seal the clutch master cylinder tightly to avoid spilling of fluids. Place an absorbent rag under the body of clutch master cylinder. Now loosen the screw connections and pull clutch pipe line from the master cylinder. Remove nuts connecting master cylinder to the fire wall and take out the entire clutch master cylinder.

Now, install the new one and place it back under the dash. Place the clutch pedal pin back along with a new cotter pin. Apply a little amount of grease to the pushrod and pedal pin. Attach clutch hydraulic line. Also attach new reservoir and hose with hose clamp. Bleed the hydraulic system. After installing, the new clutch master cylinder, all the braking problems will be solved and you will experience a smooth ride, along with efficient engine.

Instead of installing a new part, you may also opt for a used clutch master cylinder. They are available at discounted rates. Moreover, they are available in varied sizes and styles. You can choose according to the requirement. There is o need to bother about the quality of product, as they are made up of high quality. If you have any query regarding the used clutch master cylinder, you may call the customer care representative.

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2016 Scion fr_s
Coupe, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 6-Speed-Std, RWD
Clutch Master Cylinder
Nashville , Tennessee 37210
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Used 2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse Clutch Master Cylinder
2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse
4-Cyl, 5-Speed-Std, FWD
Clutch Master Cylinder
Carthage, Missouri 64836
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