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The car engine is a huge jumble of metal, tubes and wires. Just open hood of the vehicle and enjoy the sight. If you are, planning to buy a car then terms like 3.0 liter V-6 or dual over-head cam can be a little tough to understand. However, a little knowledge about the engine would make you comfortable with all these terms and you will be able to maintain its efficiency for a long time. Several conditions are there that lead to the lack of performance of engine. A little maintenance of engine can enhance its effectiveness along with life of the vehicle.

Gasoline car engine converts gasoline to motion and results in movement of the car. Movement from gasoline is generated by burning of gasoline into the engine. Car engine is usually treated as internal combustion engine, as combustion is performed internally.

These internal combustion engines are available in various forms. They are diesel engine, gas turbine engine, hemi engine, rotary engine and two-stroke engine. In earlier times, external combustion engine were used in the vehicle. For instance, old-fashioned trains were offered with stem engines. Internal combustion engine encompasses the mixture of air and gasoline. Air is entered into the engine from air cleaner to the throttle plate. Gas pedals control the amount of air passing from throttle to engine. This air is distributed through different passages to all the individual cylinders. These different passages are known as intake manifolds. Depending on the requirement of engine, fuel is supplied to air-steam by fuel injection system.

Instead of spending a lot of money on new engine, you may buy used engine. It is easily available at several online catalogs. Being much cost effective, the used complete engine also fulfills the consumer’s concern for both durability and efficiency.

Nowadays, most of engines are four strokes and spark-internal combustion engine. The four strokes are intake, compression, power and exhaust. The process is executed in the following manner. It begins by piston traveling downwards on inward stroke, and then upwards on compression stroke followed by downwards on power stroke. Finally, it travels upwards on exhaust stroke.

Piston traveling downward on intake stroke would result in opening the valve. The fuel-air mixture will be drawn by it in the cylinder. When piston arrives at bottom of the intake stroke, intake valve would get closed. Next, the fuel-air mixture gets compressed, when the piston moves in upward direction. As spark plug fires, the compressed fuel-air mixture will be ignited. This results in generation of powerful vapor expansion. Piston will be pushed down the cylinder with great force by combustion process. This would lead to the turning of crankshaft that generates power to drive the vehicle. In accordance with the engine firing order, each piston fires at varied time.

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