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Convertible top is the removable covering of a convertible car. Depending on the car, it can be completely removed by hand, or raised and lowered by hand or electrically. The convertible top motor is the electrical motor used to raise and lower your convertible top. It is usually mounted in the trunk or behind the rear seat.

Used convertible top motors can be restored but there may be variations in procedures depending on model / condition of the vehicle. In order to keep the convertible top in proper working condition, it is essential that the hydraulics and switches of the used convertible top motor should be serviced regularly.

The used convertible top motor folds the convertible and conceals it inside the trunk in some cars. It closes the whole thing down which is then hidden from view beneath the trunk lid. This is made possible by the used convertible motor that functions through a complicated system of electric and hydraulic circuits that work together. Because of the complexity of this system, a fair amount of maintenance is required.

While installing or restoring a used convertible top motor, always inspect the hydraulic cylinders and hoses to make sure that there are no leaks. The hydraulic system for the top motor runs on heavy-duty brake fluid. You will be able to spot leakage because of the presence of fluid on surrounding areas. Fixing leaks in convertible top motors is usually not a difficult task. Replacement hoses or parts if needed are easily available.

The electrical system for the used convertible top motor is rather complicated. It employs a series of stop-switches that keep the motors from crashing into each other as the top goes up and down. The stop-switches are critical to the operation of the top, used top motor, and may corrode over time. When servicing the top with a spray of contact cleaner and lubricant, make certain that the contact cleaner penetrates down into the switches.

The use of electric motors to operate the moving parts of the convertible top is very innovative. A motor mounted beneath the lid controls cables that turn screw jacks that, in turn lock the car’s lid down into the quarter panels. Another motor drives a 90-degree gearbox, which causes the entire rear panel to fold down. Another electric motor drives the hydraulic fluid pump to provide pressure to operate the hydraulic lines.

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