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The chassis of a modern car primarily serves as the interface between the car body, occupants and the road. The components and systems in a used electronic chassis control module perform the functions of steering, stabilizing and decelerating the vehicle. It is also geared to providing the optimum road contact at each wheel / tire corner of the vehicle.

Chassis considerations were once rather mechanical and discrete. Today the name of the game includes electronics and systems-level integration. Over time used electronic chassis systems have evolved to offer greater stability, comfort and driver assistance. All of which improves road safety. Antilock braking and electronic stability control can “brake” a vehicle and maintain its stability more effectively than the vast majority of drivers can do manually. Power assisted steering has reduced driver effort in steering input. Depending on driving conditions the degree of power assistance varies. It can also interact with brake control systems to assist a driver in case of emergency to over steer or under steer.

Issues related to chassis have primarily been related to mechanical and hydraulic structures. That was then. This isn’t the case anymore. The effects of electronics (and electricity) are profound when it comes to chassis systems. This is evidently the case today when we have ESC (electronic stability control) to EPB (electric parking brakes)—available for drivers to use. The control systems kick in response to inputs from sensors deployed on the vehicle. Chassis engineering is now more about integrated systems.

In a used electronic chassis control module the electronic stability control (ESC) in a vehicle can be used to perform a number of other tasks. Anti-lock brakes enable ESC; ESC enables an array of steering and handling improvements. All of which is to say that it is all about the used electronic chassis control module in contemporary chassis setups.

Some things are nice to have on vehicles. Some things like used electronic chassis control module can be considered to be essential. They can improve the safety of drivers. It’s not just the steering and braking systems, but the suspension as well. All of these systems need to be integrated. And there needs to be additions to the suspension system, such as dynamic roll control. This is all about adding a high-value, low –cost safety system without tearing up the suspension design or the vehicle architecture.

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