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If you want to attain a quite and smooth ride then install exhaust manifold in the vehicle. When the car starts, various types of gases are produced due to working of engine. The fuel that gives power to the vehicle is burned by the engine components. The major gases produced are hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and lead and nitrogen oxides. Intakes of all these poisonous gases will cause much harm to the health of any living being. Thus, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to check the proper functioning of exhaust system of their vehicle.

The exhaust system plays significant role of cleaning, filtering and transforming harmful gases into safe materials. Exhaust manifold is one of the significant parts of exhaust system. It is a network of tubes that is placed at the exit of all the cylinders. The job of exhaust manifold includes collecting all the exhaust gases at one place and directs them to the tailpipe.

Exhaust manifold is commonly available in cast or nodular iron form. It is mounted to the exhaust side of cylinder head. In order to ensure a good seal, exhaust manifold gasket is placed at the connection. One exhaust manifold is usually found in engine with cylinders arranged in-line. On the other hand engine having V-type arrangement of cylinder, such as V6 and V8 comprises of two separate exhaust manifolds mounted on each cylinder.

You can enhance the longevity of the exhaust manifold by its proper maintenance. It must be gone through periodic checks to ensure tightness and crack free. During acceleration, ticking sound or leakage smell indicates leakage in exhaust manifold. Take care of all the symptoms and replace the old for a safe and smooth driving.

Instead of buying new exhaust manifold, you may opt for a used one. The used

Exhaust manifold is available on various online catalogs. They are available in varied styles and sizes. You can easily choose according to the requirement. Moreover, they are available at pocket friendly prices. If you are worried about the quality of the used exhaust manifold, there is no need to bother. They guarantee durability and reliability, as they are manufactured using high quality raw materials. If you have any query regarding the used exhaust manifold, then you may call customer care representative. These used parts also offer warranty coverage plan. These plans include free road-side assistance, towing allowance and enhanced re-sale value. So, do not waste your time and money and install the used exhaust manifold in your vehicle.

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