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Fog lights, as their name implies, are most helpful while driving during fog or in harsh weather They render you a clear view on highways covered with snow; rain clouded driving view as well as in dark locations. They are located below the front bumper headlights. If you got your fog lights cracked or want to replace it, you may consider buying used fog lights. They assure you of providing their best.

While shopping for the used fog lights, choose the one that offers you a wider beam. Such lights help in minimizing the amount of light that gets reflected thereby providing a clear visibility, which is one of the most significant aspects of safe driving. Color plays an important role in settling on a particular used fog lights. As such the colors red, orange, and yellow are meant to provide better vision by penetrating the fog. Some people love to go with the blue fog lights. However, unlike other colored fog lights, these are not blessed with the same feature to deal with the fog much efficiently.

Talking about the red fog lights, they are known to be best as they support better vision. Unfortunately, their use is ban in some countries. White fog lights provide the best illumination that makes them best for the people who have to drive in the dark locations.

You will come across to a wide range of the fog lights. These vary from pencil beams, wide angle lights to wide beam lights. We also acknowledge them as other auxiliary lights. They are known to be mounted on the vehicle for the purpose of rendering extra illumination. Talking about the pencil beams, they have the ability to generate long and narrow beams of light thereby making them perfect to use on long distance journeys. Moreover, they help you to see the important objects like signboards, and side areas of the roads much clearly.

On the other hand, wide-angle fog lights simply enlighten the area that comes in the coverage of 100 to 200 feet. You may opt for it if you have a passion to drive on the mountainous areas, as they are best known to lighten the corners and different angles on the road.

You need to take different points into consideration while choosing the used fog lights. Consider the one that is available with the good lens. It should not need any kind of repairing. Check out for scratches, bad gasket, and cracks on these used fog lights. For the brighter vision, you should go with the one that are available with the halogen lights. These used fog lights are easily available on several online catalogs.

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Used 2016 Ford Fiesta Fog Light
2016 Ford Fiesta
Hatchback, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, FWD
Fog Light
need 1 driver and 1 passenger side fog light assemblies (bracket, light, bezel)
White Oak, Pennsylvania 15131
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