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Any part that is fastened to the cover or face bar, including marker lights and mounting parts comprise the used front bumper assembly. The used front bumper assembly is obviously made up of the bumper and its decorative covering. It also comprises the valance panels which help to blend it with the lines of the vehicle. Last, but not the least, it also comprises the shock absorbers. However fog lights are not included with used front bumper assembly.

The front bumper is the foremost part of the car. It absorbs the impact in a front collision. Most often, it is a pressed sheet metal panel. It can however be made of other impact absorbing materials. The heavy sheet metal of which the front bumpers are made are bent and formed into specific shapes. These shapes help to absorb and deliver momentum during a collision. The used front bumper assembly in this manner decreases damage to the car and its occupants.

The used front bumper assembly has special impact shock absorbers. They are often spring loaded. What this means is that in slow speed collisions, they allow the bumper to compress and then extend back to its original position.

The used front bumper assembly also comprises the automobile lighting circuit. This includes the wiring harness, all the lights and the various switches that control their use.

The complete circuit can be broken down into individual circuits. Each individual circuit has one or more lights and switches. The lights are connected in parallel in each individual circuit. In between the group of lights and the fuse box are the controlling switches. The latter forms a series.

Connected in parallel and controlled by a single switch are the parking lights. In some used front bumper assemblies, one switch controls the connection to the fuse box. A selector switch is a determining factor to decide about the switch that has to be energized. The headlights are an example of this type of switch with their upper and lower beams.

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