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Speedometer and the fuel gauge are two gauges that will always be found on the dashboard of the car. The most common additional gauge is the temperature gauge followed by the tachometer, voltmeter and oil pressure gauge.

However, the speedometer is the most used gauge. It is usually driven by a cable that spins inside a flexible tube. Some newer vehicles have eliminated the cable and use an electronic sensor to send the signal to an electronically driven speedometer. While going in for a used gauge speedometer, be careful as the accuracy of the speedometer can be affected by the size of the tires. Also ensure that the correct speedometer gear is installed when you replace a used gauge speedometer.

A used fuel gauge measures the gas level in the tank. Always ensure that the fuel level does not drop below ?. The liquid fuel helps to keep the fuel pump cool.

The used temperature gauge measures the temperature of the engine coolant in degrees. When the car is first started, the used gauge will read cold. When the heater is turned and the engine is cold, it will blow cold air. When the used gauge starts moving away from cold, one can turn the heater on and get warm air. Most used temperature gauges do not show degrees but read cold, hot, and have a normal range. It is very important to monitor the used temperature gauge to be sure that the engine is not overheating. If the used temperature gauge moves all the way to hot, or if the temperature warning light comes on, the engine is overheating.

The used tachometer gauge is used to measure how fast the engine is turning in RPM (Revolutions per Minute). This used gauge is useful if one wants to shift at the optimum RPM for best fuel economy or best acceleration. Avoid racing your engine so fast that the tachometer gauge used moves into the red zone as this can cause engine damage. It is one of the least used gauges on a car with an automatic transmission.

The used oil pressure gauge measures oil pressure in pounds per square inch. A very important gauge because if you run an engine with no oil pressure even for less than a minute, you can easily destroy it. The used charging system gauge is what provides the electrical current for your vehicle. Without a charging system, your battery will soon be depleted and your vehicle will shut down. A voltmeter and an ammeter are the two types of gauges used to monitor charging systems. You can order for these either online or offline.

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