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To enhance life span of the engine, it is important to protect its main bearings and journals from being worn out. The car is equipped with a device known as harmonic balancer that aims at handling the concerned purpose. Some of us are acquainted with it as a vibration damper. Talking about its general description, it is connected to the crankshaft and helps in minimizing the harmonic vibrations as implied by its name. A defected harmonic balancer can hamper efficiency of the engine.

The harmonic balancer is comprised of three individual parts. Its core part is bolted to the crankshaft. As for the middle one, it is a rubber ring that supports crankshaft vibrations. Finally yet importantly, the third part has pulley cuts and timing marks for the belts. Harmonic balancer aims to rotate the heavy part of the damper. It does so when front part of the crankshaft gets power by the cylinder. However, it succeeds in only twisting the rubber connecting both parts of the damper.

If your current harmonic balancer is not working properly, you may opt for buying used harmonic balancer. Being much cost effective, it assures you of its high performance. You need to be very specific about your selected harmonic balancer. It should not be much old otherwise; it can lead to drifting of the timing marks.

While shopping for the used harmonic balancer, be sure to check condition of its various parts. The rubber should not be dried out or cracked from somewhere. This may result into its separation from the metal sections. Moreover, a deserted harmonic balancer can provide a scope to the grooved ring to spin being independent of the hub. The device needs to be attached to outside of the engine to control harmonic vibrations inside. Installing the used harmonic balancer is not an easy task. You need to have a special “puller” toll to set it on its respective position. You may either ask for the used harmonic balancer set from the dealer or get it installed by the mechanic.

Checking the used harmonic balancer at regular intervals is an essential thing. This prevents unfavorable things to happen and adds to better maintenance of the vehicle. Never compromise on quality. Select the one with its definite guarantee and warranty period. Used harmonic balancer is available at several online catalogs. Their customer care executives are available for 24 hours a day to help your queries regarding the product.

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