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The headlight motor is the motor that swings the headlights up or down. The headlights are actuated in a number of ways, either by a simple switch, or in more luxurious automobiles, by a light sensor. The headlight control system is an electronic logic system that has two inputs. One, the headlight switch on the dashboard, and two: the cam-operated switch associated with each headlight motor. This detects the actual position of the headlights.

Voltage is applied to the motor control relay near each headlight when there is a “disagreement” between the position of the headlight mechanism and the headlight switch. This causes the relay to pull in and the used headlight motor to operate until there is “agreement” between their positions. When this is achieved, the voltage is removed from the relay until the headlight switch (on the dashboard) position changes. Thus, the headlight position follows the position of the headlight switch on the dashboard.

The headlight switch contains a portion that is a DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) switch. The center contacts of this switch are connected to two different sources of voltage. When the headlights are switched on, voltage from the ignition switch is applied to the “on” contact of the used headlight motor control portion of the switch. Two control lines run to the front trunk from the headlight switch. One is for the “extend” command, and one is for the “retract” command.

Voltage from the “on” headlight switch contact is routed to the front trunk via the “extend” command control line. This is connected to the switch on the headlight mechanism. When the headlights are in the stowed position, the switch selects the “extend” command line from the “on” headlight switch contact to energize the relay. When the relay is energized, it connects voltage from the battery via fuse to the motor, causing it to run. The used headlight motor rotates in the same direction to both raise and lower the headlights. The operating crank must rotate ? turn to do this, and is directly connected to the switch.

When the raise function has been accomplished, the switch disconnects the “extend” command line voltage from the relay. It instead connects the relay to the “retract” control line from the “off” contact on the headlight switch. This is not energized while the lights are switched on. This disconnection drops the relay and removes power to the used headlight operating motor as the headlights reach full extension. When the headlight reaches full retraction, the switch selects the “extend” control line. This disconnects the relay from its source of control voltage, causing it to drop out and stop the used headlight motor. The used headlight motor is now ready to repeat the cycle the next time the lights are turned “on”.

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