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Under the hood of the car is found the starter relay. This relay switch used to start cars is a high-current switch. This consists of discs and also contains a set of windings. When the relay is energized, it moves the contact disc.

The ignition switch gives a signal to the starter relay. Based on the signal, it can make or break the connection to the starter. The relay is instrumental in providing the current load to the starter. A small amount of current activates the relay. What the relay does is that it allows a small amount of electrical current to manipulate a larger amount of current. It is installed in series in between the battery and the starter. One can also use a starter solenoid to allow a small amount of current from the ignition switch to control a larger flow of current from the battery to the starter.

You may purchase used starter solenoids. They are also equally efficient to relay energy from the battery of a car to the starter by means of the ignition switch. There is a magnetic like field in the starter solenoid. It has one end as the North Pole and the other as the South Pole. It functions like a magnet. The position of the two poles is changed by changing the direction of the current.

A bad starter can result in a bad cranking condition for the car. The used starter solenoid being a large coil is most often found sitting on top of the starter. It engages the Bendix drive with the flywheel and sends power to the starter. If the internal coil goes bad, the solenoid won’t engage the Bendix or turn the starter on.

Enclosed in the drive housing of the starter motor one will find the solenoid shift lever mechanism. This provides protection to it from dirt on the road, splashes of water, and icy conditions. The clutch is operated by the used starter solenoid that can be mounted to a flange on the drive housing. The used starter solenoid is attached to the drive end housing by two screws.

Proper starter relay operations rely on a healthy battery and sound cable connections. Make sure the connections are clean and tight at every oil change. Keep a check on the battery cables and terminals for corrosion. Regularly check the wires of the starter and solenoid for cracks, corrosion or breakage. One can order either online or offline.

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