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A transmission assembly will connect directly to the rear of the engine. It will then transfer the energy from the engine to the drive shaft and then on to the wheels.

Except for in the case of front-wheel drive, it is normally located underneath the center of the car. In a front-wheel drive, it is part of the transaxle assembly and is located on the rear and underneath the engine.

Many a time a transmission problem is actually an engine problem. Therefore, before you begin to even diagnose a transmission problem, check the engine systems are operating properly. In case the engine performance is incorrect, the transmission assembly will receive the wrong information.

The front wheel drive transmission assembly is also called a Transaxle. That is because it incorporates a differential while a rear wheel drive version does not.

The transmission assembly allows the engine to operate in its narrow range of speeds. The used transmission assembly provides a wide range of output speeds. To achieve the various gear ratios it locks and unlocks different sets of gears to the output shaft.

The role of the spur gears in a transmission assembly is very important. The smaller pinion gears are fixed in relation to each other. The upper spur gear is mounted onto the transmission shaft with a ball raced metal housing. The inside of this housing contains a centrifugal clutch system. This spur gear is free to rotate on the shaft. The lower spur gear is also mounted on a ball raced metal housing. But in this case the bearing is of a special type called a one-way bearing.

When the engine speed rises sufficiently for the clutch to engage, the car begins to move forward. In this movement the smaller of the pinion gear drives the lower spur gear through the one-way bearing. This automatically locks onto the shaft.

In the acceleration mode the centrifugal force overcomes the resistance of the springs and allows the clutch shoes to move forward. The driving force of the pinion gear at this juncture is transferred to the upper spur gear.

A situation is thereby created where the second gear is rotating at a higher speed than the first. Automatically the one-way bearing allows the shaft to be driven by the second gears.

A wide range of used transmission assemblies are available for a variety of cars. The wide range of used transmission assembly is cost effective. The low cost and high quality are the benefits which make for a strong case.

Numerous online locator services help you to search for used transmission assembly. The online locating services are free of cost and available 24X7. It helps you to avoid searching aimlessly and saves time and money as well.

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Find below some examples of used Transmission Assembly requests

VehiclePartBuyer LocationAction
Used 1992 Ford F-150 Pickup Transmission Assembly
1992 Ford F-150 Pickup
Truck, V-8, Gas/Injection, Automatic-OD, 4x2
Transmission Assembly
Oroville, California 95966
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Used 2003 Jaguar X-type Transmission Assembly
2003 Jaguar X-type
Sedan, V-6, Gas/Injection, Automatic, AWD
Transmission Assembly
inglewood, California 90305
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Used 1985 Toyota Celica Transmission Assembly
1985 Toyota Celica
Gas/Carburetor, 5-Speed-Std, RWD
Transmission Assembly
lebanon, Connecticut 06249
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Used 1989 Jeep Wrangler Transmission Assembly
1989 Jeep Wrangler
Convertible, Straight-6, Gas/Carburetor, 5-Speed-Std, 4x4
Transmission Assembly
BA10-5 good used
Snowflake, Arizona 85937
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Used 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 Transmission Assembly
2008 Dodge Ram 3500
Crew Cab, Straight-6, Diesel, Automatic-OD, 4x4
Transmission Assembly
San Angelo, Texas 76903
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Used 1999 Volvo V70 Transmission Assembly
1999 Volvo V70
Wagon, 5-Cyl, Gas/Injection, Automatic, AWD
Transmission Assembly
Fort Bragg, California 95437
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Used 2003 Saturn VUE Transmission Assembly
2003 Saturn VUE
4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, Automatic, AWD
Transmission Assembly
Bakersfield, California 93307
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Used 1994 Chevrolet / Chevy Camaro Transmission Assembly
1994 Chevrolet / Chevy Camaro
Coupe, V-8, Gas/Injection, Automatic-OD, RWD
Transmission Assembly
Must be from a 1994 Camaro Z28, Firebird Formula, or Firebird Trans Am
Ogden, Utah 84405
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Used 2002 Nissan Frontier Transmission Assembly
2002 Nissan Frontier
Truck, V-6, Gas/Injection, Automatic, 4x4
Transmission Assembly
VISTA, California 92083
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Used 1996 GMC K1500 Transmission Assembly
1996 GMC K1500
Truck, V-8, Gas/Injection, 4-Speed-Std, 4x4
Transmission Assembly
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55430
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Used 2001 BMW 330ci Transmission Assembly
2001 BMW 330ci
Coupe, Straight-6, Gas/Injection, Automatic, RWD
Transmission Assembly
3.0 Liter
Troy, Texas 76579
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Used 1992 Dodge D250 Pickup Transmission Assembly
1992 Dodge D250 Pickup
Extended Cab, Straight-6, Diesel, 5-Speed-Std, 4x2
Transmission Assembly
Mims, Florida 32754
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Used 2002 Subaru Forester Transmission Assembly
2002 Subaru Forester
Wagon, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, AWD
Transmission Assembly
4cyl. 2.5
Gold Run, California 95717
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Used 2012 Chevrolet / Chevy Silverado 1500 Transmission Assembly
2012 Chevrolet / Chevy Silverado 1500
Crew Cab
Transmission Assembly
Lake Worth, Florida 33467
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Used 2020 Ford Transit Connect Transmission Assembly
2020 Ford Transit Connect
Van, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, Automatic, FWD
Transmission Assembly
Columbus, Nebraska 68601
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Used 1997 Nissan Pickup Transmission Assembly
1997 Nissan Pickup
Pickup, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, Automatic-OD, 4x2
Transmission Assembly
Fort Worth, Texas 76164
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Used 2006 Ford Explorer Transmission Assembly
2006 Ford Explorer
Sport Utility, V-6, Gas/Injection, 6-Speed-Std, 4x2
Transmission Assembly
Montgomery , Indiana 47558
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Used 2003 Dodge RAM 2500 Pickup Transmission Assembly
2003 Dodge RAM 2500 Pickup
Crew Cab, Straight-6, Diesel, 6-Speed-Std, 4x4
Transmission Assembly
5.9l d
Walnut Cove, North Carolina 27052
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Used 1997 BMW 528i Transmission Assembly
1997 BMW 528i
Sedan, V-6, Gas/Injection, Automatic, RWD
Transmission Assembly
aberdeen, South Dakota 57401
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Used 2001 Mercedes Benz E430 Transmission Assembly
2001 Mercedes Benz E430
Sedan, V-8, 4-Speed-Std, RWD
Transmission Assembly
Los Angeles, California 90041
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