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Your precious car’s surface gets invaded by a lot of scratches and dents because of a lot of loading and unloading. This encourages the need for an accessory to provide protection to it. With the help of truck bed this need can be fulfilled. In case you are lacking this one or want to replace your current one, you may install used truck bed.

You will come across different varieties while shopping for the used truck bed. If you love to render a royal look to your car, choose the carpet rugs. They are known for their easy installation, quality look, and comfort. It will act as a solid bed linen for your fragile cargo. Unlike other hard used truck beds, they are offered with foam back that prevents scratches and dents. Moreover, cleaning is not at all a problem with them.

For loading heavy weight supplies, you need to go with the truck bed crafted out of aluminum. They provide an idea protection regarding the external factors and have a base of shiny look. Their aluminum frames are clamped to the car’s bed rails top. You may easily roll them up with the assistance of support bows of the fabric. You may have folding truck beds that give you a scope to fold back the cover. In this case you would be freed from the trouble of rolling it up.

Depending on your choice, you need to stay with such a used truck bed that gives you the guarantee of being weather resistant. Along with innovative style, it should be an odor absorber. While purchasing the used truck cover, be sure about the layout of your vehicle. Check out for its ragged edges and torn out surfaces. As for the color, you may opt for neutral black as it hides the stains easily.

If you love to adorn your car’s surface with the ultimate innovative style, then your search ends on the soft truck beds. They are blessed with both the qualities, one of reducing the gas mileage and second, of looks as well. You get a nice companion for your highway speeds as they are extra light weight and flexible.

Next in line come the hard top truck beds. They provide you an alternative for full size camper shells. Offered with the feature of easy maintenance, they are no less than the soft ones in looks too. Generally, the consumers prefer the one that matches their interiors perfectly well. Apart from the quality of smug fitting, durability is another concern that should be satisfied by your used truck bed.

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Find below some examples of used Truck Bed requests

VehiclePartBuyer LocationAction
Used 2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty Pickup Truck Bed
2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty Pickup
Pickup, V-8, Diesel, Automatic-OD, 4x4
Truck Bed
silver if possible, tailgait, lights
sterling, Connecticut 06377
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Used 2003 Dodge Dakota Truck Bed
2003 Dodge Dakota
Crew Cab, V-8, Gas/Injection, Automatic-OD, 4x4
Truck Bed
alger, Ohio 45812
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Used 1999 Nissan Frontier Truck Bed
1999 Nissan Frontier
Regular Cab, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, 4x4
Truck Bed
Towson, Maryland 21286
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Used 2002 Toyota Tundra Truck Bed
2002 Toyota Tundra
Other, Gas/Carburetor
Truck Bed
Bed for 4 door with or without flar
Henferson, Kentucky 42420
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Used 1994 Nissan Pickup Truck Bed
1994 Nissan Pickup
Pickup, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, 5-Speed-Std, 4x2
Truck Bed
Rivera beach , Florida 33404
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Used 1983 Ford F-100 Pickup Truck Bed
1983 Ford F-100 Pickup
Pickup, V-6, Gas/Carburetor, 4-Speed-Std, 4x2
Truck Bed
flare side bed
gibson, North Carolina 28343
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Used 2013 Dodge RAM 2500 Pickup Truck Bed
2013 Dodge RAM 2500 Pickup
Crew Cab, V-8, Gas/Injection, Automatic, 4x4
Truck Bed
Grand Junction, Colorado 81505
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Used 2000 Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed
2000 Toyota Tacoma
Extended Cab, 4-Cyl, Gas/Injection, Automatic, 4x4
Truck Bed
bristol, Tennessee 37620
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Used 1988 GMC C1500 Truck Bed
1988 GMC C1500
Truck, V-6, Gas/Injection, 3-Speed-Std, 4x2
Truck Bed
North attleboro, Massachusetts 02760
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Used 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty Pickup Truck Bed
2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty Pickup
Crew Cab, V-8, Gas/Injection, Automatic-OD, 4x4
Truck Bed
Wright, Minnesota 55798
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Used 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty Pickup Truck Bed
2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty Pickup
Pickup, Other, Diesel, Automatic-OD, 4x4
Truck Bed
8 ft drw
Titusville, Florida 32796
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Used 1997 Ford F-350 Pickup Truck Bed
1997 Ford F-350 Pickup
Crew Cab, V-8, Diesel, 5-Speed-Std, 4x4
Truck Bed
Dual Tank8'
Dayton, Nevada 89403
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Used 2005 Subaru Baja Truck Bed
2005 Subaru Baja
Truck Bed
Part Number: L0010LS001 or Fiberglass Bed Cover (tonneau)
millersville, Maryland 21108
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Used 2012 Dodge RAM 1500 Pickup Truck Bed
2012 Dodge RAM 1500 Pickup
Extended Cab, V-8, Gas/Injection, 6-Speed-Std, 4x4
Truck Bed
Mountain Center, California 92561
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Used 1982 Dodge D150 Pickup Truck Bed
1982 Dodge D150 Pickup
Truck Bed
Step-side pickup bed
South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075
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Used 1997 Toyota T100 Truck Bed
1997 Toyota T100
Extended Cab, V-6, Automatic, 4x4
Truck Bed
Converse, Texas 78109
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Used 2003 Ford Ranger Truck Bed
2003 Ford Ranger
Extended Cab, 3-Cyl, Gas/Injection, Automatic, 4x2
Truck Bed
Omaha, Nebraska 68111
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Used 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck Bed
2005 Dodge Ram 1500
Extended Cab, V-8, Gas/Injection, Automatic-OD, 4x4
Truck Bed
Jacksonville , Illinois 62650
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Used 2006 Nissan Titan Truck Bed
2006 Nissan Titan
Truck Bed
I am looking for a Nissan Titan king cab truck bed, 2 wheel, Silver
YATAHEY, New Mexico 87375
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Used 2012 Chevrolet / Chevy Silverado 2500 HD Truck Bed
2012 Chevrolet / Chevy Silverado 2500 HD
Extended Cab, V-8, Gas/Injection, Automatic, 4x4
Truck Bed
kcmo, Missouri 64128
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