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It is a device that is used to compress the intake of air which helps it to force the air into the combustion chambers. This results in producing more horsepower by burning the fuel efficiently. Most of these turbochargers use petrol while some of them use diesel.

You will come across two types of turbochargers. They are a fixed geometry turbocharger that is ideal for the 8 valve engines and a variable geometry turbocharger that works the best in 16 valve engines. While shopping for the used turbochargers, you need to look out for its turbine. They are an extremely important part of the turbocharger as they aim to power the compressor. They do so with the help of the wasted energy generated by the exhaust gases.

Another thing to examine is its shaft that supports spinning of the compressor and turbine spin as well. Basically, the turbocharger is known to be a supercharger. These superchargers compress the intake air by a gas compressor that is present in the intake tract of the engine. This helps in enhancing volumetric efficiency. As such, supercharger is a term that is especially used to refer to the mechanically driven turbocharger. Look out for those used turbochargers that have a capacity to push out the air of temperature 200 F.

There are certain differences in the two types of turbochargers. One of them uses ball bearings while another uses fluid bearings. However, most of the used turbochargers use fluid bearings. This is the name given to the layer of the oil that aims to cool and suspend the moving parts of the vehicle. It is advisable to go with the used turbocharger that has exact ball bearings. These feature less friction as compared to a fluid bearing. Turbocharger made up of lighter materials results in low friction. This further helps to minimize boost lag or turbo lag. You may have a water cooled used turbocharger. They have a long life span and do not let you down in terms of high quality and efficiency.

Other thing to check out prior to buying used turbocharger is its valve that is often known as a waste gate in mechanical language. This device helps in allowing the exhaust gases to go out from the turbine wheel. Therefore, being an important part of the turbocharger needs to be chosen with care. Never buy the one with a rusted body. This can hamper rotational speed of the turbine thereby affecting compressor’s productivity.

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