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Used Engines Salt Lake City: Buy From Utah Local Salvage Yards & Save BIG!!!

Search our nationwide used engines/motors inventory (including rebuilt & remanufactured engines) and our system will display the available transmission based on the nearest distance and your proximity. The more local you shop from nearby Salt Lake City salvage yards, the more you save off the original sale price! Furthermore, the delivery times for local Salt Lake City orders are normally 2-3 times faster than average shipping times outside of Salt Lake City/Utah. Look for the "local savings" suggestion on the product card! Save up to $100 a Engine!

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Why should you buy from us? We provide a network of Salt Lake City top salvage yards, auto dismantlers and Wrecking Yards that make their inventory available to you online. This means you don't have to go to the local small junkyard and hope they have the make and model of engine or transmission that you need for the price you want to pay. No longer do you need to take the risk of purchasing a engine and hoping it is the right one and that it works when you get it installed. At Automotix, we offer the same price, quality and warranty as that given to the Salt Lake City wholesalers. The advantage to you is that you eliminate the cost of the middleman by purchasing directly from the Salt Lake City yard that stocks your part. You also are more likely to save on freight or shipping expenses, since you will naturally purchase from a nearby yard that is closer geographically to Salt Lake City Utah.

Remember, our used engines and motors are unmatched for their level of quality. Our Salt Lake City yards have been dismantling and supplying engines for over 25 years. All engines have unmatched warranty and quality guarantee. The customer service provided is of the highest caliber of knowledge and attention to details. Work with one of the largest nationwide gas and diesel engines provider in the industry....

You will not be disappointed but rather beyond satisfied!

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