Learn how to buy used parts as full assemblies and save over half the cost of buying each used part individually. (For example, buy the whole front assembly rather than the individual parts that make it up....the bumper, front lights, grille, hood, side panels, etc.

This eBook is directed at the auto part buyer who wants to get a better grip on the industry as a whole. Let this guide give you direct advice on saving money. One should not be intimidated to visit a local salvage yard. In this book we will teach you the ins and outs on the industry.

Used parts average around 50% the cost of a new part, and many times they have very competitive warrantees.

There are so many intangible and valuable pieces of advice we can offer the consumer. With the hopes that you as a buyer come fully informed and empowered when starting your search for replacement parts.

An Auto Broker makes a living from servicing buyers like you, through focusing on superior customer support. Brokers compete by giving you more part options than you could provide for yourself or get from salvage yards.

DID YOU KNOW: This chart shows how the price of a bumper assembly is cheaper than buying all the individual parts that make up the assembly. Notice that you also save money on the shipping with the full assembly. Individual parts have to be shipped separately, which costs you more money. On the labor end of things, your mechanic will use more billable time installing individual parts rather than the whole assembly. One can see that simply by buying the part in the proper way, you the consumer can save up to $250 or fix and replace your car parts for 40% cheaper.

Parts Bought Individually  Bumper Assembly
Bumper Cover $200  
Bumper Reinforcement $85  
Grille $25  
Total Part Price $310 $250
Labor($85 per hour) $255 $170
Total Shipping $225 $150
GRAND TOTAL $820 $570
* Prices for 2003 Ford Taurus
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Our staff has been in the auto industry for years and has collected their knowledge on the industry in this eBook. We discuss the following topics in detail:

Buying Junkyard Parts - the complete guide

Introduction to the Parts Business
Empower yourself by getting a grip on the auto parts industry. Understand industry variables that affect your prices at the sales counter.
The Benefits of Buying from a Salvage Yard
Forget the stereotypes; learn the truths about salvage yards.
Doing Business with a Salvage Yard
Learn skills in negotiation with salvage yards by being informed.
Working with Parts Sellers
How to work the deal to get bargains. Work with sellers through grouping parts or bartering for better prices.
The Reliability of Salvage Yards
Think Salvage Yards are corrupt businesses...think again. Learn how many yards are a part of state and national recycler associations and exhibit great community and company ethics. Learn how to directly validate the company before you purchase. Gain knowledge to protect yourself just in case.
Ensuring that you have the Right Part
Don't get burned by purchasing the wrong part and have your car out of commission for weeks, ensure you are getting the correct auto part. This chapter gives you information on part numbers and many other ways to have complete peace of mind when buying a part.
The Interchangeability of vehicle parts
Learn how the supplier knows what other makes, models and years that a specific part can be used for. Gain knowledge on how to acquire information that will speed up and increase chances that you will find the part(s) you are looking for.
The Benefits of working with a Parts Broker
Realize the great benefits that a part broker can provide to you. Are you the right fit for working with a broker, chances are yes....but you need to know why. Cut through stereotypes, and understand that prices with brokers many times are equal, while the service and options provided can be greater.
Difference between New and Used Parts
Learn when to buy new and when to purchase used parts. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both new & used?
Dealing with Issues, Shipping and Pricing
Learn essential tips on how to save over 40% on shipping costs just based on how you request the part to be packaged. Many times shipping is free of charge under certain circumstances, learn how this can be the case. Learn which parts are expensive and risky to ship long distances, and which parts are not difficult. This will help you make better decisions when purchasing parts online. Also gain knowledge on how to save substantial money based on grouping parts you are purchasing.
Protecting Yourself and Other Safety Topics
In the case that anything legal would arise with the transaction of the auto part, this eBook will advise you on how to protect yourself. Gain awareness of important auto related websites that protect you the consumer. Know which questions you should ask a salvage yard to ensure a fair and smooth transaction.
Resources and Additional Information
A list of awesome and practical website for the auto related industry. Nobody partaking in the auto part buying process should be with out this information.
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