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The Car Parts app allows iPhone and iPod touch owners to promptly estimate auto parts and truck parts prices, check availability on the Automotix network, compare prices, contact parts sellers by phone or email, locate hard-to find automotive parts and accessories, and make purchases of used auto parts and aftermarket parts directly from the sellers that stock your part using a simple, yet neat interface. Car Parts users have full access to a real-time inventory of 400+ aftermarket parts warehouses, salvage yards and recycled OEM parts dealers.

The Car Parts app also includes a feature called "Make an Offer" that allows you to name your price on inventoried used car parts and email the offer to the seller.

Car Parts app for iPhone (iPod touch) Car Parts app for Android
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Look for Car Parts App on AppStore, or open this page from your iPhone and click here

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To install Automotix Mobile application on your Android phone, please go to Android Market on your phone and search for Automotix. Alternatively, you can open this page from your Android phone and click here.

The Car Parts app is great for:
  • Needing accurate auto parts price estimates (based on live inventory)
  • Searching auto parts availability while restoring or repairing vehicle(s)
  • Looking for a near-by auto store or salvage yard
  • Searching for auto repair parts while you are under the hood
  • Compare prices between 400+ auto stores, salvage yards and OEM parts dealers
  • Comparing prices of 400+ discount auto parts stores to those you are visiting in your area
  • Locating hard-to-find auto parts while you are on the go
  • SAVE MONEY on auto parts by buying directly from the source
  • Having a limited budget and want to make an offer to a seller that carry the parts you need
  • Seeing if Automotix marketplace lists the parts you need for sale

Car Parts app can help you with the following categories:
Auto Body Parts
Mechanical & Frame Parts
Bumpers & Bumper Covers
Electrical Parts
Wheels & Rims
Engine & Drive Train Parts
Engines & Transmissions
Headlights and Tail Lights
Interior Parts & Accessories