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Recycled Eagle Parts Access online used parts and accessories for Eagle vehicles. Our Eagle inventory changes by the hour and includes front/rear bumpers, doors, hoods, headlights, taillights, mirrors, wheels, engines and more. Check out our ONLINE catalog by selecting your Eagle vehicle. If you don't find the part you are looking for, fill out our part locating form and we will help you find it. Buy Eagle LKQ parts here and save money and time. For a better tomorrow buy recycled LKQ parts -- Buy used Eagle parts! For store details visit the Store Information


Eagle is a now defunct automobile brand that put out passenger cars and light trucks. With their parent company Chrysler, this 1988 brand had a popular run until mergers did away with the demand. However, many people throughout the country still own an Eagle, and when their car or truck breaks down, they often have a hard time finding the right part. At Automotix, we're offering hundreds of used OEM Eagle parts, so you'll never have to do without.

Eagle owners can take advantage on our always-low prices on items like a 1995 Eagle Talon engine assembly, or a 1996 Eagle Vision transmission. Both of these items are available at rock-bottom prices, and we carry hundreds of parts just like it. Our OEM used Eagle parts are guaranteed to give you a factory fit on your automobile, ensuring peak performance. From bumpers to headlights, Automotix has the Eagle part you need.

Automotix not only offers a wide range of parts, but we'll also see to it that every part you order from us comes with a standard, iron-clad one-year warranty. You'll never have to contend with a part that doesn't perform like promised. Our warranty offers you the insurance needed when dealing with an Eagle OEM used part. No matter if it's a bumper or a transmission, the warranty applies on any part you get from us.

You'll also be able to find whatever you need with our expansive catalog system. We work hard to update our site's catalogs so you can find the Eagle part you need. But sometimes the demand causes the supply list to fall behind. This doesn't mean we don't carry the part; it simply means you may have to contact us to find your part for you. We'll do so free of charge, and get your part right out to you.

Automotix is able to ship directly to you and eliminate the middleman by providing a straight-line delivery from one of our 200 salvage yards to your front door. This saves time and money, and ensures that your car part arrives in one piece, no matter what it is.

If you're worried about overpaying for your Eagle OEM used part, don't worry. Automotix offers a 90-day price-match guarantee on every part we have in stock. If you can find the same part with the same warranty and quality at a competitor's store or site for a cheaper price, we'll gladly match it for you.

It's because we believe in the environment so much that we ensure that all our auto parts are stored and/or disposed of properly. When cars come to us for scrap we use everything we possible can, over 85% of the vehicle. Any parts that can be reused or fixed are and we even drain the various fluids and reuse them if they are still good.

Eagle parts aren't yet extinct, the trick is that you just need to know where to look for these parts for your car. Shop with Automotix and find whatever you need at a great price.

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