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Engine Our used Scion engines/motors come with 1-year warranty and 30-day price match guarantee. Buy your Scion engine from us with confidence knowing we stand behind the quality of our used car and truck engines.Save time and money searching for a cheap Scion engine. Our Scion discount price is guaranteed for 30 days. For store details visit the Store Information

Scion - A Car for Generation Y

The Scion is the result of Toyota Motor Corporation's use of a process and philosophy known as Value Innovation. It includes the factors of 21st century radio, buying confidence, driving metrics related to performance, price and factor options. The style, and other characteristics of the upcoming Generation Y consumers are the market segment targeted by the Scion. All Scions, for example are front wheel drive vehicles. The 2004 models xA and xB were originally available only in California, with dealerships in the balance of the country getting inventory by June 2004.

Several aspects of the Scion make it a popular car with this group of consumers. First, the scarcity of the production runs mean that most dealerships have a very limited number of the cars so they are much in demand. Advertising is very innovative and is also targeted strongly to the intended market sector. Trim packages are often very visible, with bright colors such as orange, yellow, green or blue. At the same time, the Pure Price concept prevents dealers from increasing prices in response to demand. This makes the cars popular on the resale lot and the prestige of having attained one of the rare brands means that you want your Scion to be driving the streets and visible--not sitting in a garage awaiting a replacement engine or transmission.

How to get a Scion used engine

Getting a used Scion engine or transmission is much simpler than you might think, given the scarcity of the original vehicle. Use the drop-down menus at the Automotix web site to find the make, model and year of your Scion vehicle. If you are uncertain about any of the details, you can contact our ready, willing, and experienced staff either by telephone or online in order to help you with your order. After all, we've been providing similar service to insurance companies, repair shops, fleet managers and others for years.

It's All in Who You Know

We have developed a network to access when we have a customer looking for a used Scion engine or transmission. Over two hundred top dismantlers, wrecking yards and auto salvage facilities through the United States feed information into our database on a daily or even hourly basis. We know when the exact part you are looking for will be available and where.

Make Sure the Price is Right

By using a supplier that is closer to your location, you save in two ways. First, because the distance is less, the cost for shipping is less. That means you pay the minimum amount for shipping. Second, since you purchase direct from the supplier, there is no middleman. You don't pay for a second shipment and you don't pay the marked up price for the part you need. When we quote a great price to you, it includes the shipping and handling costs. There's never a surprise at the checkout stand.

We Keep Our Promises

We make two distinct promises to each and every customer. You won't find a lower price on the purchase through Automotix within ninety days for the same items with the same warranty or we'll make up the difference personally. We guarantee our used engine and transmission parts for a full year for quality. Your replacement engine won't need to be replaced in weeks or months as is the case with other used part suppliers.

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